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What's your view of DJT?

| Curious to know what people's opinion is of Trump. What built the perception you know of him, do you think Hilary should've won? And do you still believe in the Mainstream Media Lies?

| I think hes a mentally unstable memelord with a knack for persuasion and business

Definitely not Hitler and definitely not an American savior either

Just a dude trying to do what he thinks is right, I can't even find a pattern or an agenda behind his actions, he's neither good nor evil just a human being, almost exactly what politics needed, less ideologues and more humanity, but with an ego a tad too big

| >>577697

That's a pretty level headed opinion.

| I think we should send Trump and Hillary to Tierra del Fuego. Then they'll have a televised fight to the death, and we'll pay off the national debt with the advertising money.

Okay, okay, serious answer. I'm honestly not sure what to think of these people anymore... politics has me burned out. I guess I think Trump's trying to do what he thinks is best for the country, but that he doesn't always know what's best for the country. I'm not sure who would be any better, though.

| I'm glad to see their are sensable people. I'm Mexican and also OP. I bought into a lot of what people said in the beginning. Then looked into myself and honestly haven't seen this level of deceptive behavior since high school. The media and figure heads hate him so much I do wonder why all the lies. Idk if it's being chismoso or my love of folklore conspiracy theories, it seems like the elites are more than willing to destroy their companies in order to destroy him.

| I think that he's a total asshole and is doing a lot of things for his own benefit. However, so are many of the people fighting against him. I think that he's more like a symptom rather than the actual problem, and that all this controversy around him is just to satisfy the growing group of English speakers who want to be angry constantly.

| >>578126 I definitely agree. I don't care for how he conducts himself but you gotta agree he knows how to put on a show to keep his empire/riches. Man, his great great great grandkids probably will be well off (if we don't all die in WW3)

| I think that's a bit skewed view of the man. If he did enrich or benefit the democrats would pounce at the chance to get him impeached. Well so far no war in sight. Of course some want to instigate it, attempted it 3 times and yet no war. A great win.

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