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Stupid murricans.. stop normalizing this, stop appropriating that..

| Meanwhile, Japan has been normalizing hentai, lolicon, and has been appropriating the western culture in their media (even making Christmas and St. Valentine's day a 100% commercial holiday with no religious implication) since forever. Nippon is truly the chad nation! Praise Nippon! Nippon number one!

| multiculturalism is a jewish american invention
also identity politics and hyper-racial awareness
3rd wave feminism and hypersexuality too

| Jet fuel can't melt steel folded a thousand times.

| yes but what about shitty work conditions and suicide rate, aren't they a huge problem in japan?

| >>577020


| That's not a normalization, though. Hentai literally means weird/perverse, there is no way to make them normal unless they start calling it using another word.

Plus, not all art comes from japan is hentai. Meanwhile, most Bollywood movies have the singing and dancing scenes, that's what I call normalization.

| >>577020 know what group has even higher suicide rates then Japanese people? Transgenders

Check mate

| Normalizing stupid shit isn't just exclusive to America. Have you seen the rest of the world and the dumb shit they have to deal with.

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This thread is permanently archived