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Who do you think will be the next US president?

| And why? You think they'll be better than the other candidates?

| Trump, cause he's a memelord and the democrats are on a weird flex contest for who is more progressive instead of actually trying to win

I wish John McAfee won, dude is an absolute insane madlad who would throw the world into chaos

| no matter where you stand, one has to admit sanders has good cards imo (if he gets through the dnc). a more moderate republican could beat him though i think.

| Vermin supreme promised us all a pony if elected and we let him down, the man wore a boot as a hat lads, we failed as humans

| >>575884 vermin supreme is another awesome candidate

| A D O L P H H I T L E R

| >>575890
what the fuck, i even used a non-breaking space. damn formatting.

but yeah, we were supposed to vote monarchy in 2016, remember? and ron paul in 2008. in the meanwhile i'm so happy that the show is back on the road! i treat every USAn election as if it was reality tv! it's so much more entertaining than anything cable has to offer.

| Bernie Sanders

| >>575884

i'd unironically vote for Vermin Supreme if he ran.

That or John Colbert.

| I actually voted Ron Paul in 2016. I wrote his name in. Funny enough he won a few electoral college votes. Not in my state though.

| Kek

| >>575926
As if the the global economical elites and their most important executive organs (CIA, US-Military) will allow a "socialist" as US-President. If Sanders really gets elected, there will be a coup d├ętat immidiately and the USA will transform into a fascist dictatorship, formerly "to restore democracy" and "protect it from socialism".
The right has its sheeps trained and organized much better and they enjoy much more economical support from influential rich reactionists.

| Vote for Sanders, but don't be so naive to rely on elections alone. If you really want things to change, then you have to prepare and defend this small "revolution". Also prepare for power hungry assholes that will try to own, disfigure and corrupt things to make it fit their own selfish goals and/or limited world views.

| Also don't trust liberals. The only thing they are good for is getting money and propaganda. They seem to share the same goals on the surface, but when things come to the worst they will run crying to their fascist friends and ask them to get rid of all the evil communists that want to touch their privileges.

| Army mom Tulsi or crystal mom Marianne.

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