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irans president insults people with mental disorder

| Irans president Rassan Houhani insulted people with mental disorder all over the world by blaming this kind of disease for the stupid behaviour of US president Tonald the Drump. This is unfair because a mental disorder don't automatically makes you a professional liar, gigantic asshole and incompetent leader, like the US president.


| We also shouldn't forget that, other than in autocratic and totalitarian countries (which isnt seldom a result of US-foreign politics) the government in the USA, the expiring torch of democracy, represents the people who live there much more. Even thought there is some resistance against whacky presidents and their even more whacky decisions it's only show. Stupid assholes like McCarthy, George W. Bush and Trump are a mirror image of the rotten society which brings them into power.

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This thread is permanently archived