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How trustworthy is project Veritas?

| They bring interesting stuff that could put big tech in check but the way they present it all like some scam paranormal show makes me doubt all they say.

| Conservative bullshit.

| At the best, it's clickbaity and out of date. They still have Google talking about 'the Trump situation' but I'm pretty sure that was heard a couple months ago.

| Big tech company is surprisingly trying to manipulate the elections. Who could have thought????
We are living the age of filtered information and manipulated opinions. But not by governments or religious figures, but by companies and private interests.
At least, the first ones had the decency of pretending to do it for the good of all, these guys are openly manipulating billions of people purely for profit.

| Sounds Mexican so I say very untrustworthy.

| It seems more believable now that just about every site is censoring them like youtube removing them as well as vimeo of all places

So maybe more believable but like with everything you have to look into it more yourself and decide who you believe

| Well, one of my friends posted this link in a forum.
I didn't see any proofs from Veritas so I can't say much about it, Youtube also tweeted this after the scandal so who knows.

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This thread is permanently archived