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Are all right wingers in the US THIS retarded?

| I saw a right wing dude talking about how the jews are spreading leftism and how every nation needs an emperor to take care of it, thay the white genocide 8s happening roght now and how nationalism is the way to progress...

And it go me thinking, if I was surrounded by retards like that I'd be a leftist myself, even if the ideology doesn't quite align with what I think is correct it's better than these weird unfounded conspiracy theories

| You don't have to be a left wing to disagree with the right wing g/u/rl

| We will welcome you in the glorious revolution, comrade.

| Ironically, when you compare mankind to its entire history, we have never been this much into leftist territory before.
Whether its personal freedom or political ideologies, this is as far left as we have ever been.
But remember, nature works like a pendulum and history always repeats itself, so expect even louder calls for imperialism and zealotry.
Also, just as retards like the one you described exist, people who think that dating your own race is internalized racism exist too.

| >>573671
On the long term everyone has to choose a side. The inherent contradictions of capitalism and the increasing economical power gap between classes splits people.
I once belonged to the center-left and believed capitalism could be reformed or tamed. But in the last years I totally lost my faith in it. Watching the arms race, the rise of far right movements and the still increasing exponential economical inequality pushed me to the far left.

| >>573799
I hope this attitude continues to gain traction, I have had a similar paradigm shift. Western capitalism certainly appears to be in the 'late stage' that precedes revolution.

| funny how you just throw away the claim without even using your damn brain. "it's not true because i decide so and each and every single person who believes this is retarded and belongs to a bunch of political crazies which i alienate"
you sound brainwashed.
i'd almost call you a little sheep but NPC clone sounds more fitting. go ahead & let the mob think for you, thinking is overrated anyways.
how can you be this retarded?

| >>573998 >brings up a retarded /pol/ meme as an argument while projecting yourself unto others

I'm convinced you have a borderline retarded iq. Head back to /pol/ trash

| >>574000
...but my projections seem to be accurate.
"each and every single person who disagrees with me is retarded and belongs to a bunch of political crazies which i alienate"

you just went against me for telling you to actually think and use your fucking brain. how much more NPC can you get?

| >>574002 >retard relays internet memes and thinks it's an argument
>"NpC MeMe that'll show HIM!1"

I'm sure you also take facebook posts claiming itself to be true about something political, seriously as well. You're mentally braindead and it's easy for you to be a right winger because of it. Statistics and studies disagree with you, that's why you retards are lumped with illiterate rural hillbilly inbreds.

| >>574008
it's funny how you called me out on projecting and now you're the one doing it. it's also funny how you immediately decided that i was a right-winger for simply telling you to use your fucking brain in life. perhaps i should have told you that you should not use your brain in the future, i bet you would have enjoyed that one.
you still are incapable of making the difference between someone who disagrees with you and a hillbilly retard.
please start thinking

| >>574014 You became overly defensive over anyone criticizing right wingers and now you're retracting like a pussy. Nice projecting, not only do you function as a meme relayer but you can also project things, Nice! You're irredeemable and aren't meant to understand anything that actually forces you to think critically and study into, besides easily digestible internet memes. Slow brain of yours.

| >>574024
i literally told you to use your brain and now you're getting your sissy-panties in a twist!

you're the one making it political!
do you live in an echo chamber? does everyone belong to a political party in your fairy world?
here's what isn't projecting:
do you realize how fucking stupid that sounds?

| >you sound brainwashed
>let the mob think
Using that meme is the EPITOME of letting the mob think. The only reason it's a meme is because lots of people think and repeat it! You only thought of calling someone an NPC is because you've heard other people say it!
It's the perfect self-defeating argument... Rather than accidentally saying a separate contradiction, you managed to say a SINGLE statement which contradicted itself! I'm awed.
I'm not >>0cf9ff, just making fun of you.

| >>574049
your argument is 100% projecting and does not address my core statement "think for yourself and use your fucking brain". i used "that meme" because it accurately represents that which i was trying to express. nevertheless the reason you bitches are mad is because i told you to use your brain and you didn't like hearing that for some wild fucking reason.
and now you're completely out of talking points except "dude le meme lmao" and are gripping onto your crumbling argument.

| Am I projecting onto you, or are you projecting an argument/opinion onto me? I wasn't on a crumbling argument, I was making fun of you for using the stupidest meme ever. I don't give a fuck about what you're arguing about, I just know you're bad at it. You're the one who's gripping the argument, if you think I'm in any way trying to take part in it.

btw it's pretty funny how forcefully you're trying to base everything on others' mental ineptitude to try and conceal your own.

| >>574060
so you're doing a full on ad hominem here. my base declaration was "use your brain".
do you contest that statement?

if yes then you're a retard, if no then fucking shut up.
i'm sick of idiots arguing everything because they conform to a single doctrine/mindset of the world. so what if another guy said it, it's either you agree or you don't.
do you agree that you should use your brain?

and you're calling me out on projecting but now you're the one doing it. what the fuck.

| >>574071 I am neither contesting that statement nor agreeing with it, I'm saying you're an idiot and a hypocrite.
>they conform to a single doctrine/mindset of the world
are you not conforming to a mindset and arguing from there?
>so what if another guy said it
where is the distinction between 'anothe guy said it' and 'that's what THE MOB thinks?'
If you want to have a serious argument, show me that you aren't brainless/brainwashed/etc, don't just accuse everyone else.

| >>574080
>are you not conforming to a mindset and arguing from there?
well what mindset am i conforming to?

i only told you to use your brain and now you're calling me brainwashed. you're still the only one making it political.
you're alone on this.

| How many of you people arguing are from the US? Just curious...

| These two g/u/rls should just get a room and have the hatesex they want so badly.

| >>574137
the guy who told you to use your brain. EU.
i'm in.

| >>574155 Can I watch?

| you're all invited to watch me fuck this npc in the ass dw

| hehe stupid monkey points at another stupid monkey

| >>573649 So, right winged American Jew passing by here. There are lots of normal right wingers here too. Extremists who exist all around the political spectrum world wide, it's foolish to judge an entire political identity off of extremists. Many of crazy lefties exist here too by the way, don't go cherry picking. That includes leftie conspiracists.

Also, nothing is wrong with nationalism, when it's not racially motivated. Having loyalty to your home country is not evil.

| Wew.

What a circlejerk.

Well, I didn't see a single argument on politics from either >>574136 or>>574080. Slightly ironic that both degenerated into a ball of ad-hominem sludge, but since I haven't heard their views on world problems, their discourse was pointless and not telling of their character. If either of you two wanted to look smart, talking about the flaws of the ideology of the right or left, not the individuals, would be a start.

| Although, the topic has retard in the title so I must pay my tribute.

> Right-wingers can suck my giant horse cock

| Why does anyone think I was trying to do anything but ad hominem? I said I didn't have a viewpoint 4 times.

>>574167 I'm ready for it~

| >>574252
in the end this is the only real POV

| can't believe people attacking me cause i told them to use their brain wtf

| So it's not a matter of right wing or left wing.

It's just that US is full of retards all around...

Makes sense.

| >>573649
Unless you talked to the guy personally, you don't know.
It's also weird that you saw them talk. Maybe it was a bad lip reading.

| >>574260
>"extremists are everywhere"
Yeah, the difference is:
- Leftist extremists damage or take away material property from rich people or help poor "illegal" people. They justify their crimes with the real existing social/economical injustice in the world based on a logical and empirical critizism on the economical system
- Rightists extremist opress or even murder people and justify it with pseudo-scientific/religious lies.

| Feels like reddit all over again.

| >>574446 sorry, I forgot that some expressions from my native language don't translate well to English.

In this case consider the "saw" as both saw and heard, sorry for the confusion.

| Hm. So, I take it, though this may be flawed, that to qualify as extreme you need to commit a crime with poor justification, particularly some form of self-justified oppression? >>574468

| >>574503
^^ ah no problem.
All jokes aside, it depends who the guy was talking to.

| And why doesn't it make sense? Because it has been labeled a conspiracy theory? Because the government told you to?
Take any 'conspiracy' theory and analyze it with an open mind. They will make sense. Maybe more sense than what they tell you to believe, or it won't be related at all.

| >>574667 sorry man but white genocide sounds retarded no matter what you label it

| >>574667 What 'conspiracy' theory in particular?
Being vague is not good for making a point.
Just as an example, I'll suppose that I looked up a conspiracy theory that tells me '>>a6e88e is a doo-doo head.' I happen to have a very open trash receptacle, so I must naturally take this statement at face value because for an ambiguous reason it suddenly all makes sense!
And, also suddenly, this is now a paradox.
Please take these notes and give me something next time around.

| Also, I apologize in part for my teasing, you caught me before bed and I did not feel like being blunt.

But please do elaborate better next post. I want to dive to the root of your conflict and actually get an inkling of the fella on the other end of the net. >>a6e88e Otherwise our words here would have no point.

| >>573649
>this thread reminded me of when I was a leftist
oooh, the disgust

| >>574684
Clear your head before posting, then. Anyway, this goes for all conspiracy theories. They are usually more complex than 'some random guy at an anonymous forum is a doo-doo head'. You gave me no other arguments to make me believe that, other than implying that I'm a right winger that believes in what OP mentioned.
For example, when pollacks tell you that the joos control everything, they usually post an image with a lot of journalists that are jewish.

| The press are the ones that spread information, so if they twist some things, the public that listens and doens't think too deeply about it is going to believe what is being said.
What I'm trying to get at, is to don't judge a book by it's cover. Just because it has been labeled a 'conspiracy theory', it doesn't mean it's stupid lunacy that has no connection, or that the ones that believe in them are retards. You haven't even listened to their point of view before labeling them so.

| I'm not defending any particular theories, I'm just trying to say that you should think first and judge later. From everything I lived until now, what I learned is that nothing is objective. Newton's laws of physics could be proven wrong at any moment. If it doesn't make sense in your eyes, speak up and listen to what the others tell you, and refute them again if necessary, but always listen. You can't assume someone is wrong before listening to what they have to say and why.

| It seems that all the level-headed folks live in the EU. Everyone who lives in America that replies to this post will probably grab their shotgun and start blindly shooting in the direction of their phone.

Responsible, worldwide, and moral socialism is the way to go once we decide to start colonizing other planets.

| >>574935
but let's not let people get lazy couch potatoes either.
and leave capitalism healthy and alive. we need a system that brings the best out of people for the betterment of the system... whether they want it or not...

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