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what's your political stance?


| I support everything which pisses off right-wingers, except other right-wingers. Their hate and misery is my daily motivation.

| Right wing but not too extreme and I don't believe in American right wingers and their conspiracy theories about jew world domination or that stupid white genocide narrative.

What I do believe is that a lot of leftists are like >>cf1f3c to say and do controversial stuff just to piss off right leaning people. And then rightist trolls retaliate and the trolls of both sides make it harder for productive exchanges between different ideals.

| BTW I'm not saying that the right has less trolls than the left, just pointed >>cf1f3c because it was an open example but there are just as many assholes on the right.

We all need more open discussions and less alarmist conspiracies

| >>573658 yeah I don't think he's representative of leftists as a whole; he doesn't even mention leftism, only a kind of contrarianism which I don't think leads anywhere.
I believe that there are honest merits to conservative thinking, but the conservative party in America has gone full right-wing fascist, plus their policies don't work.
The American left is already to the right of most other countries' lefts, so it gets weird.

| I am a national socialism pirate

| I want to leave the world as a better place than i found it. I don't believe in a better past that need to be restored. I don't give much about religion, nationalism, spiritualism, esoterics, pseudo-science (including racism) and supernaturalism. I prefer science, materialism and universalism. Most people say I'm a communist, but I think this term is too widely and often falsely used.

| i'm either a democratic socialist or a libertarian socialist, i haven't decided on which fits me better.

| Anarchy all the way. But if we have to have a state, democratic socialism seems best to aid the common folk.

| Anticentrist,fuck centrists and their wishy washy positions. We must murder all centrists! We need change and I don't care how we are going to achieve it just that we need some.

| >>573891 good thing someone told me I'm an hybridist and not a centrist....

| Extreme hard right. Ethnonationalist. I want the holocaust to look like a slap fight.

| >>573834
Anarchy doesn't necessarily mean that there is no estate. Anarchy only means to reduce or abolish hierarchical structures. This can be achieved by syndicalism and/or a republic of people's councils, which ideally manage to hold the balance between regionalism and internationalism or rather decentralism and centralism
Don't get fooled by libertarian capitalists: Anarchism can't be separated from communist ideas, because capitalism will never exist without hierarchies.

| as the sub with racial dynamics, i only want white ppl to rule the world & including me

| >>573997 you're back!!!!!!!!!!
How's it going my good gurl?

| >>574003
ayyy! i'm doing better than i thought
actually i never left
still want to sub

| Death to the government and state and anybody that supports it like bootlicker drones.

| >>574010

| >>573891 I like trying new kinds of food. Maybe we should try out all the types of government as well!

| Individualist anarchist. Destroy dependencies with science, work to put people's own lives in their hands alone. Make rights truly inalienable

| Also heh >>573945 try and find capitalism in me. I'm an anarchist, right, tho I don't want any social dependencies. I'm just not an Ancap

| >>574293
>I'm an anarchist
>try and find capitalism in me
challenge accepted
>I'm just not an Ancap
found it! (That was easy tbh.)

| >>574291
>try and find capitalism in me
oh there is even more:
>Individualist anarchist
>Destroy dependencies with science
>work to put people's own lives in their hands alone

And this one
>Make rights truly inalienable
is not compatible with capitalism. But since you said
>I'm just not an Ancap
You stand on lost ground. Come back if you solved the contradictions of your thoughts and made a decision if you are an real anarchist or just another confused dazzler for capitalism.

| I'm a survivalist, I think we all should survive in the jungles.

The only industrial items I have are knives and since it is easy to get them from the corpses of failed survivalists I never have need for money.

Currently posting from the smartphone I just found on dead dude

| My political stance is
>sitting down and having tea

| Mix of liberalism, conservatism, with medium to hard euroscepticism.

Strongly against totalitarianism, Orwellian type ideology/ies, censorship and programs like social credit scores, biohacking.

| I'm also bound by realism, to accept things as they are. I'm not so much of a imaginative person.

| >>574469
>Mix of liberalism, conservatism, with medium to hard euroscepticism.
That's pretty much the establishment which globally dominated politics since the 80s. Regarding the current state of the world I would say they failed - or they just didn't serve common peoples interests in the first place.
>Strongly against totalitarianism, Orwellian type ideology/ies, censorship and programs like social credit scores, biohacking.
A very good position, but then you're on the wrong side.

| >>574470
>I'm also bound by realism
Realism like Pragmatism are nothing but ideologies in disguise. This terms are meaningless since everyone creates his own realities. Polticians have their propaganda, economical elites have marketing (which is pretty much the private sectors equivalent to propaganda). And the masses are trained in the spirit of capitalism to be egoistic and competetive working drones, that don't understand complex issues or the concept of solidarity.

| where are the ethno-monarchists?

| >>574491
Hopefully where all kind of monarchists belong to: under the guillotine.

| >>574494
you are dirty plebeian rabble.
aka "republican"

| >>574494 fool, monarchy is elegant.
Bring back the times of nightly balls and social scheming with fancy clothes!

| >>574500
most importantly...

| I'm confused. I said I'm not an anarcho-capitalist, or Ancap. >>574369

| >>574519 and they're saying that that's exactly what an ancap would say, everyone else entitles themselves ancaps so we can know they're not ancaps

| >>574472 I think there is a proven, scientific method of solving problems at a lower cost to the common individual.

| Huh. Weird flex but okay. >>574520
Why exactly, tho?

| >>574522 to weed out ancaps with reverse psychology

| >>574521 Here I don't mean cost in money, just in general. Science can be used to increase efficiency

| >>574523 Is it the dislike of reverse psychology which is considered a tell, or is it some mannerism specific to g/u/rls?

| I mean, if we're being real, these messages aren't encrypted and they're signed with randomized numbers. I do tell the truth but you have no way of knowing how genuine I am, so the reverse psychology doesn't seem too effective. >>574523 If I can be lying about my opinion, so can you, or anyone else here. Not that opinions really matter as much as matters of fact or what people do with opinions.
> I am an Ancap who lubs monies and have two million VBucks for the end times hurr hurr

| >>574519
I'm sorry, I confused ancap with anticap.
I wish you were right, but that's not the case. There's no doubt science is awesome and has lots of potential. But even in our deterministic universe there is still so much unknown that it would take unimaginable amounts of time to gather it. Some issues can and have to be solved right now - not with technology but with political measurements. At some time we may have fully automated space gay communism, but not now.

| I agree, >>574601, but I'm not going to hold myself back in my research or views for complacency when many die in our world. Science is physically real, and that's as real as it gets. It's not preparing for the unknown. Our problems are well established. What we need to do is explore what we know again and apply it in ways we haven't. This is less unknown territory and more a Rubik's Cube.
Not saying you've said any of that to me, but I think you'd have a provoking response.

| I guess in a word I mean to say that we need someone to do the math, not the exploration. There's plenty of new data streaming in, more than any one scientist can read in a day. Someone needs to try the new shit out in practical scenarios. Whether you know it or not, there's exploration happening every second of the day by multiple govts and many, many independent agencies. Even the slow-seeming trickle into the public domain alone is a river of formulae and chemical compounds.

| It's time to make unconventional goals and do weird things with science... I feel like Cave Johnson, talking like this. But still. I've already got three crazy drafts that might actually work, and my friend found some materials to make the prototypes really simple. Material science is absolutely nuts, total sci-fi shit. You should check out Moissanite, Schwartzite and ALON.

| literally national socialism

| Unironically Ancap with right-wing views on culture/society


| vaporlist

we value 
above all else

| >>574374 that's a great example of OSP, soldier! But do you know your CQC?

| >>575133 one time I talked to an ancap on discord who said he was an ancap because he wanted the world to be worse for most people. do you have any kind of response to that? because I had no fuckin clue what to say.

| >>575156
99% sure he was joking, considering how ancaps are the "centrists" of extremes, as in they're hated by everybody including other ancaps
No political ideology, as retarded as it may be, directly advocates for worse conditions to society as a whole, it always has good intentions, even if the means aren't the best
He was likely trolling and it apparently got you

| Right-libertarian that flirts with georgism and mutualism sometimes. open to new ideas thougoh.

| Anarcho fascist socialism is my pick

| >>575451

| Radical alt centrist
Extremes need to be rounded up and shot

| Some of those replies are pretty cringe not gonna lie

| Monarchy is unfairly maligned and the polish lithuanian commonwealth did nothing wrong

| >>575133

left leaning centrist. a parliament needs a healthy government/opposition balance, so conservatives haves definately have their place anyways. but my country has it good enough to afford some progressive politics.

| Ethnocentric caste communism
Everyone is equal within their ethnicity, mixed race people are the lowest caste
There's no money and the government(made of white people) decides on how to distribute the resources among each caste

| >>575769
would you use slavery

| "Guys. Can we agree on something? Guys? Hey, what the fuck guys?" - mfw shutdown happened in USA

| >>575858 what exactly happened? to you?

| >>575755
That's not exactly a question

| Im a simple man, I see a chud, I offer a grit shake

| >>576083

yeah sorry, fatfingered while reading thread

| >>575858 a lack of proper compromise during shutdowns last year lol

| I'd like to say I'm a moderate libertarian, and believe nearly everything our great nation was built on.

| All these people wishing for more democractic systems need to look at the real world.
People are fucking retarded. Half of the average Joes you cross each day will probably murderd you for a parking spot if they could get away with it. Also, give 1000$ to a hundred people every month and let them start from scratch, then check on them in ten years and you will still find rich people and poor people.
Some people are just fucking retarded and letting their voice count is a crime.

| >>576223 I think assuming anybody's voices have as much weight as actions is a folly. Actions only go as far as the environment allows them, too, so if you're mad about idiots you have to realize they have to be discouraged by the environment for them to get nowhere. Our environment encourages stupidity because it is maintained by a social construct, our democracy, that, as you said, doesn't have to do many smart things at all.

| The real work is likely done by people barely involved in politics, maintaining what little infrastructure we've been granted, and the good fellows rigging our elections. :p not that there aren't flaws in that, either.

| Sudanist post-depression neonism

| >>f76314 Exactly. You're a good g/u/rl and I would vote for you when the time to choose our emperor comes.

| >>576223
>Also, give 1000$ to a hundred people every month and let them start from scratch, then check on them in ten years and you will still find rich people and poor people.
Maybe, but at least it wouldn't be the same people. So I would agree on such a measurement, since I, beeing born pooor, have nothing to loose.

| >>576223
Also you underestimate the feedback-loop of the system itself, that shapes the peoples behaviour. Different economical circumctances will have different kind of people as a result. For example the bourgeois society is very liberal, innovative and progressive on the surface, as long the economy booms. But as soon the depressions arrive, the bourgois becomes a ugly beast. "Free" Market is in the end nothing but the absolute reign of the rich about the poor.

| >>576679 No I believe that it will be the same people.
We all have 24 hours a day.
Some spend that time learning new skills and reading new books, others spend it watching tv or binge playing video games.
We all dream of getting rich and becoming free of the wageslavery system, but who's willing to take the risk of losing it all in exchange of a chance to get that? Those who will transform 1k$ into a billion do.
The others? They're happy being wageslaves, and they will stay there.

| Meritocracy based on hygiene
If you can't keep yourself clean then you're not worthy of rule

And. By meritocracy I mean the real deal where only the best of the best are allowed to rule, not that shitty talk about getting rewarded for your hard work.

| >>573891
Based Jreg
Yea, I think the closest thing for me would be considered a Paleolibertarian

| Nationalism, socialism, ((they)) control most if not all of western and and most of european society. No ptoblem with other races but the white man has clearly made themselves superior until now. Fuck the system, burn it all to a crisp. We must rebuild society brick by brick. Industrial revolution was humanity's greatest mistake. The government only sees us all as numbers and stats. Never trust the government. Small government only. Corporations are a plague. Fuck around & find out

| i REFUSE to categorize myself

| is there any political stance that OPENLY defends the end of the world DIRECTLY?

| I mean, I don't want anything that will lead to the end of the world as a consequence
I want something that has tje end of the world as the objective

| >>576688
You still believe that crap?
Maybe some people spent their time only bingewatching tv shows because they know their chances are much worse than those ones which are born with social economical privileges. No matter how hard I work and learn, I stand no chance against rich dumbasses with their hordes of lawyers and marketing strategists. Even if I have a revolutionary genious idea, I'm dependend on their money.

| >>576806
>Antisemitism is socialism for the stupid dudes.

| >>576892
It depends how you define "the world".

Communism wants to end the world in the sense of a capitalist, class society. But the communist manifesto says in the end
>The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.

Fascissts/Nazists wants to end the world (according to their crazy conspiracy theories) ruled and dominated by non-white ethnicities, jews and muslims but also communists, feminists and homosexuals.

| I believe in eternal growth of economy and the "invisblie Hand" which distributes ressources perfectly. This magical Hand spawns from the fundamental selfishness of human individuals, because it's their nature. I don't care about what pseudo-scientists like biologists and sociologists say, because they are all part of evil marxist conspiracy.
From time to time it is necessary to clean a society from evil marxists.

| You people really don't understand, I want the END OF THE WORLD
That means the complete utter destruction of planet earth, no survivors, no chances of the environment recovering over the millenia and no hope left

| >>576892
Doomsday accelerationism

| >>576926 You are extremely wrong. You think that only rich people get rich. Only privileged people get privilege. And this proves that, like all commies, you have no experience of real life.
I personally know a dude who got dealt the worst hand possible (health problems, terrible alcoholic father, dead mother, dirt poor..). That guy is now a millionaire. He chose not to hang out with us and to sell phones and stupid widgets instead. And he kept on learning and bettering himself.. >

| I now hang out with a lot of rich people and businessmen. And you know what they all have in common? They dont make excuses. They get shit done, and if something goes wrong, they admit their fault and move past it.
When you spoke of poor people what did you do? You found excuses.
"Oh they cant stop watching tv because they have no chance of making it sob"
Well boo fucking hoo, if they dont try, they dont get rich. If they try, they will at least improve their lives even by failing.

| People like you drive me mad because they are filled with this self-righteous drive to defend people who need to wake the fuck up.
Marketers love you because not only are you a passive consumer, but you actually turn that into an identity. You cant be rich, you cant be pretty, you cant be powerfull. Might as well binge on those Netflix shows because your life cant improve anyway, right?
I bet that you're fat and you blame that on genetics and slow metabolism too.

| Okay, after sending that, I kinda regret it. I was too harsh on you, random anon. But you are a symptom of a much greater disease eating through society. "It's not my fault" will get you absolutely nowhere. And when someone like me shows up and tries to get people to improve their lot by working hard and chiseling off their dead weight, someone like you shows up and brings them down because it's genetics, privilege, luck, or anything else... as long as its not their responsibility.

| Truth is that commies don't want a government, they want a daddy that cares for them and provides them with everything so they project their daddy issues on their political beliefs.

| My stance is approaching the world with the optics or lens of a propagandist. Theirs an agenda to all these narratives we are told as citizens. Narratives go through filters known as editors, who publish under "recognized hallmarks". I don't believe in the right VS left narrative since citizens only use it as "my team" VS "that team". Too many use the Labels as insults or a means to discredit. It's like children using a fraction of understanding to bully those who don't follow.

| I love sex

| >>573997 >>574003 >>574007
pls gib more attention

| Neojinkilism

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