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Hong Kong riots now become irl

| 2 millions of ppl is a large amount.


| One of those people is Gil. He's going to defect. VA-11 is a prophetic game.

| >>573170 I thought this was about extradition, not augmentation.

| Can't wait in 30 years when this is all brushed under the rug in hushed tones or in distsin like a certain square.

| >>573228

| Grass Mud-Horse will defeat River Crab

| But water beats grass.


| >>573692 river crab used Ice Beam 4x damage annihilated the grass mud horse

| >>573693
I hope that Ice Beam enjoys Thick Fat.

| >>573698 shiiiiiiit! Change of tactics, try to use X-scissor my river crab!

| >>573090
In China 2 millions are nothing. As a billion people nation with rising global ambitions they (have to) think in larger scales. This also means they can fail in larger scales.

| >>573801 20% of a city which is a vital to being the center of trade is not dismissable.

| >>573806
Hong Kong is the center of trade with the west. As you may have noticed, china has a large consumer market on its own. They only need to import some resources, which do not come from western countries. In the last years chinese politics was all about securing resources in third world countries, especially in africa. Africa is not only important for exploiting ressources and labour, but also as export market. And lots of africans look up to china for good reasons.

| >>573979
In fact western industry nations and china are rivals on the energy resource market. China has better chances because they are much more popular. For most resource rich third world ("shitholes", as some stupid western politicians would say) countries china is a role model. Because they made it from a backwarded oppressed colony to a leading industry nation. And china itself hasn't the dark past of colonialist, imperialist and red-scare interventionist like the west.

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