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Europe/Germany: a new victim of far-right terrorism

| Weeks ago the german local politician walther lubcke was found shot down in his house. Now the german police arrested a highly suspected person, who is connected to several far-right networks.
The centre-right politician Lubcke got multiple murder threats from far-right people, because of a viral internet video where he stated that people who are against immigrants should emmigrate.

| In the near past germany was rocked by a series of scandals about questionable relations between its executive organs and far-right groups.
There was the massive and long ongoing failure by the police to identify the right-extremist terror network "NSU". who murdered nine migrants and a policewoman, did more than 40 murder attempts and were responsible for two bomb attacks.
Also several connections between right-extremism and german army, police and secret services were discovered.

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Socialist_Underground
These only were a few examples of what came out/happened in the last years.

Lately, the victims of far-right terrorism increased continuously, while exactly this far-right, which cries about being oppressed by leftists, is gaining more and more political power.

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| imagine being so cucked that you became right-wing. ew

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| i'd rather live in a world full of colour, over one where it's only one colour

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| >>572142 that's nothing new, there's no such thing as a rational human being
All who claim to be are even more retarded than your average retard

| >>572198
Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
That some superlatives don't work in reality doesn't mean there is no comparative. There ARE people and ideas which are more or less rational than others. And there are universal ethical principles such as opressing or even murdering people is bad. And yes, leftist ideas such as communism violated these principles too in practice. But in all right-winged ideas I heard of, these violations are (other than left) inherent part of the ideology.

| UPDATE: Death threats were sent to german politicians suspected for liberal immigration policy:

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| >>572332 hello my fellow Sith

| >>572429
You don't make any sense

| >>572512 they said "only a sith deals in absolutes" that's dealing in absolutes too

| >>572514
I wouldn't say it was about absolutes in language/grammar/semantics but about absolutes perception/world-view and action. It makes sense to differentiate between those things.

| Nice to see that people are getting murdered and internet warriors praise the murderer. We need to shut the internet down.

| >>572688
We need to shut you down.

| >>572721
We will, sister. fash girls rise

| >>572589 it's a joke you say only a sith deals in absolutes, I call you a sith, we both laugh at the dumb joke and get on with our lives.

Don't you people have any sense of humor, dammit? You're like robots

| Hm. I think you could call me far right, but I definitely don't want to kill anybody. I don't know if 'far right' is equatable to 'extremist'...

I don't think a monopoly on force is inherently legitimate. It would be thus hypocritical of me to kill people for my own views, regardless of what they are, don't ya think?

| It's important to make a distinction between people who are willing to kill and people who aren't. Especially if you're looking to pass judgement on them.

| >>572752
Some jokes simply don't work in this kind of communication, due to lack of context.

| Friendship with humanity ended

Embrace the glorious science of POSADISM my danger/u/s comrades.

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