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Water turns purple in Ohio

| https://www.wsaz.com/content/news/Village-of-Coal-Grove-advises-residents-not-to-use-pink-water--510756501.html

| What's the effect of this water on the frogs?

| It would be hilarious if it actually turned the frogs gay
Imagine living in a world where the conspiracy freak was rightball along

| It's always funny to see how a economically strong, global military power, still competetive in science and technology has a public infrastructure on third world level. It seems that US citizens fight more enthusiastic for their retarded gun laws than for a working infrastructure. What a wild-west redneck shithole this country has become. You made big progresses when you had to compete with the soviets. But with their downfall yours came to.

| >>569706 the reason you're still single is because your dating profile is full of writing like this

| >>569664 Atrazine doesn't make frogs gay but it does give them horrible genital defects. So that's pretty close.

| >>569725
Look, a triggered redneck who's out of arguments.

| I discovered recently that americans had data cap on their internet...
Like, wtf? I understand if some village in bumfuck nowhere has crappy access and not too many options... But even me in my third world shithole have unlimited access to the internet. I often leave my pc on while am sleeping, downloading entire collections of shit that I will probably never watch...
Yet, murrica, greatest eco omy in the world, has to put a cap on what you can download..

| >>570073 that's really weird, but has nothing to do with the article.

make a new thread because the topic is interesting, though

| >>570073

This is surprising? It's the norm in asia, except there you need to pay extra per service, e.g. if you want to browse facebook.

| >>570073 for wired internet access there usually isn't a hard data cap or if there is it's pretty high. you might get slowmoded if you use a lot of bandwidth though. Internet connection over your phone's modem usually does have (really small) data limits, but it's not difficult to stay under them if you don't download images

| Some third world countries have better mobile internet than most industry nations because:
- their infrastructure is younger
- their infrastructure is public
- they lack of cable infrastructure
- they have lower environmental standards

Industry nations still have old (but still superior) cable infrastructure, they privatize it (even liberals should accept it's bad for infrastructure), but they also still have higher environmental standards.

| There is no doubt that the USA heading straight on their way to become (at least partly) a third world country, but unfortunately there are still some things left that make them a superpower.

| >>570444
Here is the thing. America is HUGE. I don't understand why people can not seem to get their head around it. Your going to get pockets of cities that are just so delapidated and falling apart(3rd world). Then you get the flourishing cities. The best example would be Mississippi vs. Maryland. I am going to give you a hint,one is way richer and has better infrastructure. The country is huge and corruption that is taking hold(and has for a long time) is definitely not helping.

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