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socialism will never work, here's why

| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asmTKVirfL8

| Venezuelas Problem is not socialism or communism. It's problems are their:
- geographical position near USA
- their oil richness
- lack of industrial production means

Especially the last point is important for socialism/communism. If their are no production means, there is no real capitalism, since capitalism is about private ownership of such means. And there cannot be socialism/communism, since it is about making the private ownership of this means public.

| The funny thing is, that you could also make a documentation about the PRC and title it "communism works, here's why"
But then the pro-capitalists cry loud "uh, it's de-facto not communism", which is exactly the kind of excuse they don't accept by the other side if they're praying their boring propaganda about how the evil red child-eating reds are about to destroy humantiy in the name of Marx.

| >>569209 funny how venezuela was better off before maduro
well the PRC authorities are pretty fucking evil, and it's quite shocking that you're sucking their dick

| >>569242
It's capitalists that sucked the PRC authorities dick, especially as long they offered them cheap labour. Now, as they use their economical success to expand the capitalist cocksuckers start getting afraid, but it's too late.
The communist chinese authorities understood and perform capitalism much more efficient and constructive compared to the western capitalists, that still have some social estate and civil rights remaining, which stands in their way.

| >>569242
And Venezuela was better off before Maduro, because the oil price was higher. That's no pro Maduro or Chavez argument but no anti socialism argument neither.
Plus the decreasing oil price has it's price too. The capitalists in the USA poison peoples groundwater with fracking, and they crouch in the asses of arabian islamist absolutists, who lead a brutal war in jemen and generally give a fuck about human rights.

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>price has it's price
>price has it is price
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now fuck off commie

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You've lost.

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