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Google fires republican engineer

| https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.dailycaller.com/2019/06/05/google-fires-republican-engineer-outrage-mobs

Dude was fired for voicing his opinions

| I don't understand any of this.. Some guy wrote something about the company he worked for and got fired for it. What he wrote about is barely mentioned in the article at all so we can't pass judgement on neither his nor Googles actions. Why even read this news site or link to them?

| 1 because it was weird and I understood nothing
2 it's not about trump, I'm tired of talking about the angry cheeto man
Captcha > pine anti pride

| American politics

| LMAO Republicans are all for corporate deregulation until it affects them personally.

| >>568465
you're really going to defend this, you fucking orwellian cunt?
these were NSDAP techniques. they're throwing anyone out who disagrees with them.
google is evil now, and it is actively pushing towards a dystopian nightmare. that repugnant company is infused with an extremely biased political opinion.
stop using google https://www.reddit.com/r/degoogle/

| Is companies firing people for their opinions something new? Like I'm sure I would get fired if my boss knew my political/economical position. I was told that's freedom.

| >>568489 it is only "freedom" if the company is clear about its position on opinions from the very beginning of the hiring process and if all employees are warned previously upon a change of stances

There is one very important distinction that people should make, individuals need privacy, companies need full disclosure of their intents and values

| >>568475 lmao I'm not defending it I'm saying that when your entire platform is corporate deregulation that's what you're gonna get. I believe the term is "right to work."
Also, be sure to let me know when you give a shit about liberals or companies who aren't Google doing shady things. I'm sure your outrage is genuine.
By the way the process of weeding out Republican ideas through means like this is called "natural selection"
Enjoy using Bing, you fuck

| >> this repugnant company is infused with biased political ideas!
>> Links to Reddit

| >>568544
in most European countries that's illegal
>enjoy using bing
i see you are retarded
you are right. i posted that link to be used as a resource/tool only. beyond that, stay away from plebbit.

| So I take it he wrote a bunch of shit about his company, got fired when his boss noticed and didn't like it, and now the media has taken this by storm and he claims it was because he's a replublican and not just a douche who should know better than to insult the place you were.

Am I in the right ballpark? Because I read nothing but the title to this thread.

| >>568565 nah, it's some vague article that says the dude wrota an open letter or something but doesn't say what's written in the letter or even if that letter is actually the cause he was fired
And it seems only that lame site reported on it so there's no more info to form an opinion

| >>568568
but you know google would do that and has done that in the past.
your political stance is showing

| >>568570 I'm sure Google would do that, but I'd like more info and maybe a better source before reaching a conclusion whether they did it or not

| >>568571
i'll be over there in the corner hating on google, in peace hopefully

| There's a link on the article at the beginning that leads to the original open letter on Medium to all those who are asking about its contents... Not sure how you missed that.

| >>568591
well they're probably stupid

| >>568591 They probably added the link after publishing the article. It seems>>568565 was right though. This really isn't news and neither is it surprising. If you're gonna openly talk shit about your workplace without backing any of it up with substenance then it's no surprise you get sacked.

| Google is a progressive company

| >>568766
Only on the outside. On the inside they are neoliberal, totalitarian and inhumane.
A giantic company is never freally progressive, except for image reasons/show.

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