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Discrimination against indigenies is Canadian "genocide"

| https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48503545

The latest inquiry by the Canadian government on the subject of indiginous women, 12 times more likely to be murdered or to disappear than counterparts of other ethnicities, found that government inaction on the subject (such as ignoring hundreds of previous recommendations to address the issue) amounts in fact to government abetment of genocide.

| Discrimination against Canadian indiginies is surely real, but the word 'genocide' blows it miles out of proportion. Indiginous people's make up 1.6 million of Canada's population of ~37.5 million, or about 4%, but indigenouse women account for about 16% of recorded murders.

However, even the highest estimates put the number of killed & missing since the '70s at around 4000.

| It's this g/u/rl's humble opinion that government apathy toward ~100 murders per year amongst a population of millions, however malevolent its intent, does not constitute genocide.

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>Discrimination against Canadian indiginies is surely real, but the word 'genocide' blows it miles out of proportion.
The word "discrimination" also blows miles out of proportion if it is actually about murder and "disappearing".

| >>566734 then call it discriminating murders and disappearances
Still not genocide but far more serious than the usual broad meaning of "discrimination"

| So what you're saying is this thread is actually about how made clickbait headlines make you?
That's.............. interesting

| Genocide is not a quantitative term. It's a qualitative one. It is already genocide if there is "only" the intention to annihilate a group of people based on their ethnicity, religion, culture etc. by murdering them. Or by made them "disappear", which btw. is a well known euphemism for systematical murdering of undesired beings in certain military dicatorships. Especially in the CIA-experimental labory in central- & south america ("desaparecidos") Just as bonus information.

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