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Trump Declares Trade War On India, Imposes New Tariffs

| This is getting really dumb.


| Trump is the personified superlative of dumb. But let's be honest: It's not the first and not the last dumb president of this rotten country with equally dumb masses of people that are dumb and rotten enough to support that shit. And let's be even more honest: Many other countries already imitate this bullshit we know from this capitalist shithole called "USA". For example Modi and his "hindu nationalists" that rule in India.

One day their lame shit will only exist as bad example.

| >>566835
would you rather have trump or Hitler?

| >>566835 uhhhh, tariffs are a way to make locally produced options more attractive
It helps create jobs and increase the value of your own country's money
The only downside is that 8t may weaken relations with other countries but I don't see this as something so tremendously terrible as to call this decision stupid
Also from what I saw in that article it seems the trading was beneficial more to India than to the US, it's the job of a president to protect his country's economy

| Unless you embrace free market capitalism, then the president has to leave the fucking economy alone

| >>566842
also, what the fuck did you just say about me, you little bitch? i'll have you know i graduated top of my class in the navy seals.

| >>566843 >>566844 FUCK how many seconds was i off?

| >>566840
Lol, it's like asking someone "would you rather have hard or fluent shit for breakfast?"
Fortunately there are many more and better options to choose from.
>tariffs are great
>"free market" is great
Choose one. You can't have both.
>i graduated top of my class in the navy seals
Yes, I'm sure a terrorist organization known for doing war-crimes and breaking international law offers a great eductrination.

| >>566855 I didn't say free market is great
I said that if you want the government to leave the economy alone then you must want free market
I don't want free market, certain regulations are for the better

| >>566842

| >>566857 and more Wikipedia, please find a better source

| >>566856
>I don't want free market, certain regulations are for the better
Yeah, but why not simply rise social, ecological and general production standards instead putting a tax to harm "foreign" economies?
And it's not the USA as a nation that is the big looser of globalization - it's the working class all over the world. This is a major mistake by many Trump supporters.

| to all the fags debating in this thread, if you don't like trump and think you're so much better and more intelligent than him, go campaign for office.

| >>566860
The wikipedia refers to external sources as well. Fell free to check it and criticize them directly. Of course, wikipedia is not perfect, but it's still one of the best and most reliable information sources in the internet.
What do you use instead? Microsoft Encarta? The internal Navyseal propaganda database? Some selected and eventually controversial books from a university library that fits best to your world view? No problem, I can keep up with that.

| >>566872 why the navy seal thing?
This >>566844 was not me it was a random troll citing a part of a very old and overused copypasta

| >>566867
I'd say most people here are way to young for that. You need to work hard first, which makes sense. But you also have to go the long, anoying and destructive way through the snakepit of a political party, which very probably will make you forget about all your ideals.
Or you're lucky been born rich like Trump and have no moral struggles about being an asshole.

| >>566877
I'm sorry. Fucking trolls. They fooled me with their confusing posts.

| >>566877
Thanks for keeping calm btw. Many people should take this as positive example!

| >>566880 it's ok
And sorry for being so quick to dismiss Wikipedia it was rude and overly defensive of me to do it like that, maybe I'll have a look at the article and the external links later, it's nice to look at different perspectives from time to time and it opens up my mind for more discussion later on

| Thanos was right. Shred the universe down to its last atoms.

| Perfectly balanced, as all threads should be.

| I used the economy to destroy the economy.

| >>566840 uh....trump, hitler was kinda fucked up dude

| Honestly i dont care about bullshit politics, we need to start reevaluating ourselves and fix the fucking earth g/u/rls like damn. Those who dont respect what gives them life should be killed with it

| >>567917 Saying something like that might feel edgy and cool at first but people gave you life y'know. Any of us being killed means there's a problem that kills human beings. And I'm not about to die if I can help it. You're a human being too, you know.
I respect the environment but I will not abide by death, especially when it's for the sake of 'morality'. Give me a break.
Then again, I'm probably getting baited by the troll.

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