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Brexit party dominates EU elections, despite only being 6 weeks old.

| https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-politics-48417474

| traitors...

| The european union needs to fall anyway

| >>565077 wow, a herd of ignorant conservative sheep flock to an authoritarian leader willing to make his country's worst interests his main talking points. Good thing they only have 30% + 9% Conservative party. He's showboating to make it look like something more than it is, the same rabble that has been there this whole time, but now even more strongly divided because they've got somebody up there saying exactly what they want to hear, and justifying their ignorant myopic vision.

| I have the ultimative idea that makes everyone happy:
People that want conservatism and deportation should be deported to a more conservative country, if they believe "theirs" is to liberal. Let's ship farage, his sheep herd and all of their kind to their allies in saudi arabia or bahrain. No one here will miss them. In exchange all people that have enough of this bullshit in their countries can come here. All problems solved. This would be an actual and very desireable "exchange".

| >>565327
how about you ship off the "liberals" off to somalia and keep britain british

| >>565457
No, that doesn't make any sense. Britain could have stayed british if they did not start colonializing the globe and stayed isolated and self-contained (like north korea). But there are things that can't be undone. History goes on the long term always forward an not backwards. The longer you try to keep the status quo, the more it will hurt if it collapses. I really which that rotten kingdom collapses. How retarded is a country with a "House of Lords", a Queen and princes?

| Or maybe we could exile everyone from the British isles and have both sides happy since no human would sully their holy land
Plus I'm sure British water has something that messes up the brain so it'd be a healthy solution

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This thread is permanently archived