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EU-Parliament: Victory for neoliberals and reactionists

| Loosers of this election:
- Social Democrats (centre-left)
- Conservatives (centre-right)
- Left Party (left)

- (Neo-)liberals (centre-right)
- Green party (centre-left)
- Nationalists (far-right)

According to opinion polls the two most important topics were
1. Climate Change
2. Immigration

The neoliberal dogmas remain unquestioned, and the far-right wins.

| Both conservatives and social democrats lost. :big_thonk:

| Sad, conservatives are the best

| >>564756
No they aren't. Their politics divided people and made the far-right strong. They're ignorant to global problems and more part of it than a solution. They lead pointless stupid wars, produce and export amory even to dictatorships and support terrorist groups. They are corrupt to the bones and only care about keeping and extending rich peoples privileges. They are enemies to progression and common people. Conservatives suck!

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This thread is permanently archived