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socialism good. fascism bad.


| Yes.

| Retard fag OP posting /u/ content in /new/

| how is this /u/ content?

this board is about politics, silly numptie.

| Chances of sarcastic behavior at 60%, OP confirmed a fascist
Initializing sermon modules, preparing jokes about blaming jews, ignoring any manner of arguments even those detected to be correct, outrage levels at 80% and increasing.
C. O. M. R. A. D. E. systems ready
Initialization complete, prepare to face keyboard justice!

| >>564722 I'M ANGRY!?!

| >>564728 hostile behavior detected deploying speech pattern b
> why are you angry? Are you a fascist? Do you support the inhuman treatment of immigrants, all right wing is composed of angry fascists you're a piece of shit trump supporter who thinks the jews want to take over the world we need to stop fascism from spreading and your far right commentary is not doing anyone any good you're just being a fascist racist an authoritarian evil

| why not both?

| ebic

| >>564747 >>564753 answers do not compute, no propper speech pattern identified for answering, saving to database as "potential troll" and awaiting human analysis

| >>564742 YES!?!

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This thread is permanently archived