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Real life Yandere

| https://www.tokyoreporter.com/crime/woman-stabs-male-acquaintance-at-shinjuku-residence/

A 21 year old girl was arrested for stabbing her male friend, who she had and emotional obsession with.

She "liked him so much, she wanted to kill him and then kill herself"

The man survived and she was arrested.

Here's her awesome instagram page:https://www.instagram.com/yuyuyunochan/

@newskun @at

| boy I sure wish I had such an eventful life with cute stalkers trying to kill me because I don't show them any love..... reincarnate me now God please!!!

Captcha: east media asked

| also there are pictures of her smiling in a police care and also one of her covered in blood beside the guy while police allow her to make a call while she possibly smokes a cigarette? ( something was in her hand but it wasn't very clear. Search for it yourselves hahaha

| thank you for telling about the pic then leave y-y-you meanie!

| I wouldn't want to be stabbed in the abdomen, but I wouldn't mind a mild stabbing in my thighs...

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