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Trump sucks

| Yeah...

| Let's be real, though: even though politics is a dirty business and most politicians suck in general, Trump is uniquely and profoundly awful, both in just how much he sucks and how badly he sucks at sucking. It's preposterous.

Did anyone see the recent NYT report on all the money his businesses lost?

| American politics

| I don't understand american politics, but an orange person can't be as bad as you people say
Come on he's ORANGE!!! ORANGE!

| Why?

| >>564353 must be an orangist

| >>564476
He's an Orangeman!

As a US American in a state that voted Trump, most people I know who are aware of his finicial difficulties either blame targetting of his businesses by Democrats & co. or actually think better of him for it ("Sometimes you have a rough few years. How many times has he come back from bankruptcy?")

| >>564482 yes. Republicans have a pretty sophisticated propaganda machine and red States have paltry education systems to begin with. But Trump's constant support is likely derived from the US fascist population (estimates are that 30% of any given nation has about that proportion of fascists), for whom the argument doesn't really matter as anything other than a power game.

| >>564521 cont'd
So much so that they fall prey (or believe willingly) the rhetoric he forwards, which aside from lacking in compassion and factuality is often internally inconsistent in and of itself. It's also impossible to convince them that he's not fighting for the little guy, even as their taxes go up. The red state I'm from is the one that's threatening to go blue.

| >>564521 don't you feel like tje term fascist is being used too lightly and too frequently as of late?
Do you think that everyone with right leaning ideas actively support fascism? That's ridiculous, it's the same as saying everyone with left leaning ideas support that dictatorial "communism" Stalin made in the USSR

| >>564528 I'm inclined to agree with you to an extent, yet I don't worry about it because I also believe that being afraid to call a fascist a fascist is a symptom of this idea that fascism is, largely, q thing of the past and something that can't happen to us. Precisely because fascists are human like you and I, one needs to be able to honestly confront the term.

Now, does that mean I think the rank-and-file Trump voter or conservative is fascist? No, but one can construct...

| >>564528 I like how the questions were just preamble to saying it's ridiculous.
No, I actually don't think the term fascist is overused. I think a politician who orders migrants to be gassed and imprisoned and who courts neonazis is a perfect candidate for the descriptor of fascist. Do you disagree?

| ...an argument that there are certain aspects of the US that are fascistic, and that some of these people (knowingly or unknowingly) support them.

| >>564528 Trump's conduct is taken almost verbatim from fascists of the past, from the conspiracy theories to the liberal use of state violence to the factual contradictions. It's why every argument of theirs is a threat (migrants, gun control, hell, socialized medicine)
>>564532 yeah you could, but the present Republican junta and their base celebrates this stuff. They celebrate the violence against liberals and migrants.

| >>564535 I'm not saying trump is not fascist(I'm not saying he's one either I'm not American so I just dunno) but calling his supporters fascists is almost definitely going too far, how can you know their process of judgement? How can you be so sure they are bad people? Call the orange man whatever you want I don't like politicians either way, but calling common people who may not even be well informed enough to make a good choice fascists is just plain intolerance and ignorance

| >>564536 lmao so you're not from my country and you don't know the people I'm talking about, but you're sure I'm wrong when I talk about them? Fuck off, bro, I've had this conversation six times today, they literally repeat the same Jewish conspiracy theories at Hitler did. And I'm not even saying they're bad, I'm just using the correct term to describe their ideology. Why is that so hard for you? Do you actually have anything to add?

| >>564537 like when I say "anti-intellectual," I literally mean they make a virtue out of disconnection from facts. I'm not just saying they're stupid jerks, I mean their party's platform literally ignores science. When I say fascist, I mean it. If you disagree with that assessment then bring something stronger then "I don't know," k?

| I agree that Trump's policies are fascist, authoritarian bull, but that doesn't mean everyone who supports trump is a fascist and authoritarian. That means it's it's likely there are an amount of supporters that are, but I do not have an objective census paper, you do not have the census paper, so let's stop projecting the policies of one oddly orange idiot onto an equally misaligned, and in my eyes, pitiable supporter base. k?>>564540

| Let's acknowledge the idiocy but this isn't a witch hunt.

| >>564622 nah
Like sorry I just have no real reason to care about what you say in this matter. You don't what you're talking about so the smart thing for you is to stop talking. You aren't that centrist from yesterday, are you? Sorry to tell you this twice but just because you and I disagree doesn't mean your opinion is half right. You're just wrong and your ignorance doesn't constrain my conduct. Sorry about that.

| >>564622 you don't know what you're talking about**

Like seriously it's not a witch hunt but you also seem to not like it when people use the correct words for things. Do you actually have some contribution to the discussion to make or are you just about censorship?

| retard fag of an op posting /u/ in /new/

| Well, I just think that supporting Trump is a shitty idea. But maybe you've got some collapsitarians with boners somewhere. Maybe not, maybe they're all fascists who hate minorities and love watching the liberals get beaten. I just don't think people are defined by their politcal support, sorry. I think they follow certain social patterns, can be persuaded... I think there's a hell of a lot more in here you're dismissing. I think that your two cents are still important tho. >>564662

| >>564669
news >& politics

besides, /new/ isn't really for news & politics as much as it is for endless communism arguments

| >>564671 like what? Seriously I've spent the last 2+ years navigating Trump's America and trying to do exactly what you're talking about; these folks don't listen to persuasive argument unless it's a threat (that's what makes them fascists, you asp).
You think I don't know fascism thrives in economically depressed areas? That people have reasons for trusting a conman dictator? I'm sorry you haven't learned anything this whole thread

| >>564686 that's anecdotal evidence, you people always say anecdotal evidence is invalid so your arguments are invalid until you can provide better reasoning

| >>564537 Ah, kek, getting b8ed by 4chinners. Good going.

| >>564746 put up or shut up, fatboy

"Employing standard statistical survey analysis, McMillan found education, income, gender and age had no significant bearing on a Republican voter’s preferred candidate. 'Only two of the variables I looked at,' MacWilliams reported in January of 2016, 'were statistically significant: authoritarianism, followed by fear of terrorism"

| >>564750 your apathy is distasteful, and I understand it's convenient now but when you're done going through puberty you'll understand how foolish a play it is.

| >>564772 thank you, was it so hard to post a link to research instead of just repeating "every trump supporter I know is like this!" over and over again?

| >>564772 also calling others fat with no reason is not nice

| >>564774 I personally don't care about American politics that much, and while I don't deny supremacists exist, you just described typical /b/tards. Use the internet some more, you boomer.

| >>564779 your skepticism of how others use words doesn't entitle you to their research, or was it too hard to do research yourself before arguing with someone who'd already done it? Sorry, I just assumed you're fat by how you think; you've soured me on the idea that you're acting in good faith

>>564781 lmao so you type words that don't matter about things you don't care for, why are you wasting your life? Go have a real interaction

| The choice was between two evils. Maybe next elections will tell if he was lesser/bigger one.
P.S. Hillary is literally Hitler. Also her husband is a former president, would he govern through Hillary as a puppet or not, we are yet to see.

| >>564847 by pretty much every metric Hillary was the lesser of the two evils, you can tell because her supporters can actually admit she has flaws. If the argument from ignorance doesn't prove God it sure as shit won't prove Trump, either.

| >>564850
>Hillary was the lesser of the two evils
Hillary would just have made the far right stronger, because many people believe she was a "left" alternative to trump while in fact she follows exactly the same right-winged neoliberal dogmas. The good thing about trump is, that he does not make any masquerade: He is obviously the ugly face of an ugly system. No white- or green-whashing. The good thing is that people now thing about actual alternatives to neoliberalism.

| >>564929 wait, wasn't there a shift of ideas between republicans and democrats where the latter were conservative and then it turned the ither way and now back on the start?

| My sweet cheeto is not a fascist
He's doing his best to protect the country, his "anti immigrant" policies were against illegal immigrants only, his wall was going to reduce tremendously the drug trafficking in the US border and his businesses are doing bad because of all false slander he's suffering from the media
And all because you fucking commies hate the idea of a businessman in the government

| >>564971 no we just hate a failed businessman failing in government
>>564929 by every conceivable metric the Democrat's neoliberalism is preferable to Republican paleoconservativism, from creating jobs to destroying other countries. And if you think "doesn't masquerade" or "both sides" I've got a bridge to sell you.

| >>564950 there was, but he's not saying that; he's saying that from an accelerationist perspective Trump is preferable to Clinton because Trump shows people capitalism for what it is, which I don't agree with but can understand.


| Trump is only a puppet, the real bad guy is Putin
Mark my words with Trump's inside help Putin's Russia will take over the world

| >>565094
Putin is also just a puppet. The frontline isn't USA versus Russia -or anything else, it is poor versus rich. This is the core conflict of all others, and as long people won't recognize it nothing will change.

| trump looks like a soggy sock puppet that has been painted with an expired can of spray tan. frankly I don't know shit about the inner workings of the north american government but as a citizen of a country affected colaterally by the decisions of that racist pos I think I'm allowed to dislike him. also if his politics don't sink the north american economy enough to make all his supporters regret voting for him I will lose all hope in this world.

| >>565203 no, now I see the truth the rich are also puppets of a greater conspiracy the true masterminds are the communist conspiracy theorists!!!

| >>565300 no wait, it's actually the jews! They control the commies!
But wait.....
The UN controls the jews!
And Trump controls the UN! now we've gone full circle! Humankind is being oppressed by ouroboros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

| >>565304 That's how I feel about politics nowadays. And people ask me why I refuse to have a stance.

| >>565316
Refuse to have opinions? What kind of moron are you?

| >>565300
Yeah, that's exactly what fascists/nazists/islamists believe.
But they are horribly wrong. The interest conflict between rich and poor, between capitalist and working class, is the basis of all current conflicts. And like globalization it's no intentionally planned conspiracy. No, it's inherent to the capitalist system.
It's very hard to understand/accept for (neo)liberal fundamentalists and their unloved rightwinged breed.

| >>565350 Trump is a rich capitalist, does that mean he's a puppet to himself? And isn't being a puppet to yourself the same as being free?
So to be free all I need to do is become a rich capitalist? That's not even that hard

| >>565352 being rich is easy kek. you wouldnt be here otherwise, you mong

| >>565357 well, I never tried to be rich, I'm too lazy to make an effort
Seems easy enough, spend less start a company and make sure you stay relevant

| >>565357 and also I'm not the one complaining about how rich people are evil gatekeepers oppressing the population you are, have you even tried being rich? Or are you like me? Too lazy to put an effort?
You think you're doing justice with your keyboard but all you're doing is acting like some conspiracy loony
Me? I'm just here to waste time because I have nothing better to do, no grandiose illusions of saving the world by posting on a texboard with barely 20 people

| Did none of y'all read that post in this thread which said Trump supporters aren't really influenced by wealth, but rather by authoritarianism?

| >>565360 yeah... Well I'm not the one saying rich people are the true evil
I'm the troll who posted abput ouroboros because talking politics lately is all one conspiracy that seems bigger than the previous and this shit is boring
Plus I love seeing outraged answers from idiots here who think I give a damn
It makes me feel good
Communism, capitalism, anarchy, socialism to me it's all the same shit so why even bother?

| >>565361 that's the least interesting way I've ever heard someone retell Joker's origin story

| >>565359 also, as someone who was born wealthy, whose money will make money no matter who is president, I can tell you from experience that the wealthy might not be evil but their wealth is certainly not being taxed a fair amount and many of them who mean well are so blind to the system that they perpetuate it unwittingly. I could believe I earned everything I have, but my hands are really really soft and transexual.

| >>565352
>Trump is a rich capitalist, does that mean he's a puppet to himself?
He is a minor puppet player in the capitalist theater who wants to become a major player.
>So to be free all I need to do is become a rich capitalist? That's not even that hard
Depends on your parents wealth, luck and/or criminal energy.
Even Trump admits, that it wasn't always easy for him, because his father gave him only a small loan of a million dollar:

| >>565361
>Communism, capitalism, anarchy, socialism to me it's all the same shit
Interesting. And what is fascism/nazism/racism to you then? Also the same shit? An Alternative? Please reveal your position to us.

| >>565359
>I'm not the one complaining about how rich people are evil gatekeepers oppressing the population
It's not a question of good or evil. It's a question of interest conflicts and logic. It's not like the rich are a superior organized, homogenous entity. They also have their class internal conflicts. But when things come to the worst it's the non-rich people who have to suffer most from wrong decisions they have not made. Most rich people/families stayed rich over world wars.

| >>565397 I don't care about this crap I just like seeing idiots like you getting outraged
White power 4 lyfe you dumbass nigger faggot

| >>565397 dude when someone says they don't care and they just like saying stuff to get a reaction the exact wrong answer is to ask them to talk about themselves some more

| >>565399 OUCH the EDGE. does it make your pp feel big when you absolutely d e s t r o y all the cringy normies? don't you love flexing on people by making them pay attention to you because it makes you feel superior and elitist? cause I sure do. will you teach me to TRIGGER these idiots so I can feel like a person instead of the BETA BITCH BOI THAT I AM?

| >>565399 >>565405
I know that. But I made the experience, that people who say they don't care start caring if their situationgets worse and they suddenly realize that they are more affected by this stuff than they thought. But often it's to late then. And then they do stupid things like voting for idiotic showmasters like trump because they believe it's an alternative. It's usually short-sighted low educated people. The perfect victims for far-right demagogues.

| >>565465 kek

| >>565497 I mean yeah I have had that experience as well but that's all orthogonal to asking a troll to tell you more about themselves. Case in point, didn't they use the opportunity to hurl slurs at you?

| >>565504
Trolling was funny in the 90s,when everyone thought the world is going to become a better place, everyone loves everyone, the internet is a free and funny place, etc. But the opposite happened: Things get worse, societies are divided, military conflicts increased, arms race continues, environmental problems are ignored, and it became hard do say if things like >>565399
>White power 4 lyfe you dumbass nigger faggot
is meant to be trolling or a serious political statement.


| >>565399 Presenting your views is fine but no need to insult others. Let's get back on topic!

| >>565579 so what? Asking a troll to keep talking is still the wrong move, which you made, which enabled them further. You know if you consider janitor to be an insult you don't deserve to use clean facilities, right?

>>565616 insulting people who disagree is how people who can't think try to pretend they can read. I wouldn't worry about it.

The real problem is how this masquerades as honest discourse.

| By the way, when I say Trump sucks worse than Clinton by every conceivable metric, I do mean it: he's a worse fascist in that he's more extremely right wing and he's worse literally in that he's inept and his cronies don't know how to accomplish any task beyond personally surviving destruction they create, lying about it, then personally profiting.
& THAT's aside from the anti-intellectualism and the moral issues

| Trump is also worse because his particular amorality is capricious and emotional in a way that Clinton's conniving ways weren't. It's volatile.

| Hur dur hate fascism authoritarianism
But people shouldn't have views that I find offensive or wrong and dumb trolls are dangerous for sucity
>>565579 >>565626


| Lol

| And all THAT is on top of the republican party's klepto-capitalism, voter suppression, prison-industrial slaving, and white nationalist/religious fundamentalist terrorism. Am I really the only one on this board with an understanding of why exactly Trump sucks? Not that I think everyone should care, it's just that the thread is titled "Trump Sucks"...

| >>565650 hur dur I didn't say you shouldn't have views I said that after you admitted to not having genuine ones on the topic it was the wrong choice to ask you to keep talking. And I was right. Although you in particular probably shouldn't because of the profundity of ya ignorance, but that's neither here nor there. Like you! Hur Durr

| >>565654 now your talking my language we can be friends
> passes pipe of friendship smoke

| >>565656 sorry friend, the first thing they teach you at the handsome boy modeling school is not to do drugs with insincere people. While I respect your right to freedom of speech, I disagree with the intent of the things you're saying in principle and the content of these things here in particular. I don't think we can share this pipe, and I wish you'd put your words to better use. Sincerely.

| >>565666 so, pipe of friendship sounds insincere but
"white power 4 lyfe nigger" sounds like something someone would genuinely say?

| >>565668 they're both insincere, that's why neither has any value to me. But I also disagree with the sentiment behind the latter in principle. If a sincere person offered the pipe, I might accept. But it's you, so....
Such is the moral corollary of being a troll.
So gurl do you wanna top or bottom

| By the way, when I say Trump sucks, I also mean anyone with experience interacting with people with dementia or Alzheimer's can recognize that he's not exactly all there. It's a really grim spectacle.

People voted for Trump because while he tweeted dumb shit, Hillary deleted emails, so people decided "I'll vote for the guy that seems less shady, the orange man is a bellend, but the blue lady is obviously hiding something."
The feminists went "we had a black prez, we need a woman now"
The rednecks went "he gon' build a big ol' wall to stop them aliens from commin' in"

| >>565922
what I am trying to say is that the average person will not think too deeply of the political ideologies behind the candidates as, to them, they all are two-faced megalomaniacs, They will vote for the most charming ones.
And that is the type of people that decide the political climate in a country.

| Trump is a fucking hero, he's only kicking out illegal aliens and criminals and he's securing alliances with countries that have a natural supply freedom fuels

| >>566115 still at it, eh?
You know, when I say Republicans suck, I mean their policies don't work and often cost more than more effective liberal policies. Case in point, illegal immigration is actually on the rise, largely because Trump's inept cronies aren't particularly good at security.

| Every person who say that Trump sucks is a foolish person (Okno). And illegal immigration is actually on the rise because of ONU treatament, México is in it so, well, F. Anyway bye.

| People still think immmigration is a major problem over all others?
Global exploitation of peoples labour and environment?
Pointless arms race, militasrism, interventionism, diplomatic threatenings and shady political power games?
The massively, globally increasing gap between poor and rich?
The global ecological catastrophe?
The currenr migration crisis is just the tiny tip of an iceberg. It's a childrens birthay party compared to all the other issues.

| >>566430 yeah but racism

| >>566458
Something went horribly wrong in this world, that racism could make this kind of comeback. It's so anoying and stupid.

| >people are seriously this brain washed thinking Trump is literally the worst person ever to hold office in the history of the united states

| >>566575
>implying there are other, worse presidents
>no examples
compelling argument, sir

| >>566575
Well, George W. Bush also sucked, but people in the USA were still in post-cold war euphoria back then.
Absolutely Trump is maybe a little less worse then bush, but relative to the circumstances we have now, he is an epic stupid choice. And yes, democrats also failed to give people a serious alternative.

| >>566492
You really live in a bubble if you think it ever went away.

Andrew Johnson, enough said.

You're dramatically oversimplifying. People (sometimes rightly) see immigration as a threat to their economic wellbeing, their culture, & even their safety. Those concerns all take precendence over global concerns, not least because they are all understandable to the average citizen & immediate (both in proximity & in being about 'me & mine' rather than some other).

| >>566692
I grew up in the nineties, when the iron curtain fell and it was celebrated as if a new golden era of liberty begins. Then they started unchaining the beast of capitalism, which was tamed after two world wars and facing the challenge by communism. It seems like people don't know or understand anything about history. Only glorified, romanticized hollywoodesque bullshit.

Johnson was an asshole, but buying Alaska was pretty smart on the long term.

| Capitalism bad, Russia and Putin bad, Orange man bad, you disagree you racist

| >>566692
>You're dramatically oversimplifying.
>People (sometimes rightly) see immigration as a threat to their economic wellbeing
This seldom is "rightly".

>their culture,
We're talking about the USA. They are a mixed immigration culture anyways.

> & even their safety.
In my experience it's exactly the same people who elect goverments that destroy other peoples safety with a fucked dumbass foreign policy. It doesn't matter if they do it intentionally or out of ignorance.

| >>566692 yeah maybe but then those same people who want the government to regulate labor via immigration then yell about self-reliance and small-government. Interesting that they also want government to come between medical professionals and women but not health insurance providers?
The reasons their positions sound simplistic is because they don't reason through any of them enough to be consistent.

| >>566692
>People (sometimes rightly) see immigration as a threat to their economic wellbeing
In my experience it's the same people that shut their mouth in front of authorities that exploit them. It's so horribly stupid to believe a billionaire that he will fight for the lower classes against evil foreigners. In my country this pheonomenom is known as "biking mentality": Ducking upwards and kicking downwards. Class conflict is global and much more significant than cultural ones.

| >>566747
This whole anti-immigration/anti-foreigners bullshit is only made up to divide common people. Instead of doing actual class struggle, the lower class fights each other and accept more autocracy and observation for "security". And meanwhile the rich assholes continue increasing their ridiculous wealth and power. This strategy is known as divide and conquer. Racists, Nationalists, Religious fundamentalists are often good paid liars and finally traitors of their own class.

| >>566748 oh, yeah, I know; I'm actually a rich asshole who doesn't let the fact that Trump is making me money blind me to his faults. I tell the poor conservatives every time we argue that he's fighting for me, not them, but if they could understand that....
They wouldn't be conservative >_>
Man when po folk try to tell ya about money, I swear. I know this sounds facetious but it really isn't.

| >>566749 (cont'd) like the stereotype of the brainwashed Republican who listens to nothing but Fox News and votes against their own interests and insults everyone who disagrees and thumps the Bible they haven't read is totally not at all an exaggeration. Heck, try telling them Hillary wasn't no leftist and watch the foam. It's a grand, grim tragedy, American politics. That's what defending public schools gets ya.

| >>566752 defunding**** public schools

| >>be03f8
>I'm actually a rich asshole who doesn't let the fact that Trump is making me money blind me to his faults.
This is very idealistic of you, but rich people antagonizing Trump helps him to stage his "anti-establishment" myth. You are probably a "liberal" or "social democrat", who still believes that no better alternative to capitalism is possible and that it only needs to be tamed and/or reformed. I once thought the same way. But history and reality speak different.

| >>566752
>it's a grand, grim tragedy,
"Hegel remarked somewhere that all great, world-historical facts and personages occur, as it were, twice. He forgot to add: the first time as tragedy, the second as farce!"
- Karl Marx

What currently happens in the world is nothing but a big farce. Politically we already were at this point. The only new thing is that humanity is additionally threatened by the (self made) ecological catastrophe of global warming.

| >>566826 Trump is going to claim to be whatever he wants regardless who resists him so miss me with that "your opposition plays into his game" nonsense. Your non-opposition plays into his game, too, and conveniently requires less effort.
You know it's possible for people to want to destroy capitalism and to also work so that the version we do get is the least bad, right? Or rather, how have revolutions you've started gone?

| >>566827 because like I get that being a leftist is really edgy and cool on a message board but when you have an actual overton window shift to Nazism in your country you have to start making pragmatic choices. Or did you really come to a board titled "Trump sucks" to say "no lol actually capitalism"? Grow up. Even though it's a farce people still suffer.

| >>566827 or, put still another way, indulging in accecelerationism and mirth and the farcical nature of political strife isn't any better than what the actual right-wing fascists want, and at least they're not passive and smug about it. I'll be able to afford a condo wherever we remove people from, but until then I'm trying to avoid it altogether. Goddamn.
Although it is refreshing to come here and encounter the flaws of leftism; there is no real Left in America...

| Am not murrican, but I would like to say something.
Everyone calling Trump stupid is either a poor student struggling to pay off his loans or a wageslave who's one accident away from collecting food stamps.
The dude is a billionaire at the head of the biggest economy and military might of the world, and people calling him stupid are bumfucks who couldnt sell icecream to a desert nomad.

| >>567423 you're wrong.
I'm calling him stupid and my money's made more money while I leisure last quarter than you'll make actually working all year. He's a real moron and even members of his administration have said so. You should learn to read before you write anything else.

| Well duhhhh
Who else do you think I'd have to suck my pp

| >>567571
Did you just shame a foreigner?
Just like Trump!
/alinsky mode

| economics aside does he strike anybody else as worryingly authoritarian? he's repeatedly kissed kim jong un's ass for being a 'strong' leader, and his recent comments on the tiananmen """"crackdown"""" (on its anniversary, no less) are more than a bit concerning

i don't think he alone is competent enough to push the u.s. into any sort of dictatorship, but the alex jones in me sincerely believes that (cont.)

| all the trite shit you see labelled important in american media/politics is specifically there to distract us from the bigger picture and/or widen the political rift between some arbitrary black-and-white sides.

it doesn't help how much people continue to either vilify him like some sort of saturday cartoon villain or blindly support him, refusing to see him as anything other than the second coming of reagan. it all enables whatever shady shit is going behind the scene imo

| ^ Yeah, Trump's a POS but the fact he's prez should ring some bells around here

| >>567867 I mean yeah dude did you not read the link earlier in the thread which cites research stating that his base is basically just authoritarians?
You know people who say he's a Nazi aren't just vilifying him, they're describing him accurately. Have you seriously missed all the white nationalist stuff? He can be a moron and be a useful, witting tool for fascists.

| >>567921 maybe vilify isn't the right word? by that i meant throwing childish insults for the sake of childish insults. like the baby blimp or those 'baby hands lol' and 'orange cheeto man' memes. nothing wrong with it - it's free speech - it's just annoying when people do all that to virtue signal and can't actually give a reason as to why they hate the guy other than 'well my fave called him dumb on twitter'

no problem in calling him what he is (an authoritarian puppet leader)

| You're still discussing?
Yeah he sucks my dick what's the problem? Are you homophobes?

| >>567992 you see the post below yours is designed to shut down discussion entirely. Comrade, this is what the fascists do these days, and Trump plays into it. I don't particularly care for the baby hands memes, but I can't begrudge someone their linguistic rebellion against a fascist's thought police. Do you find the detention camps as irritating?

| >>567992 because I mean I get that he's easy to mock and it does get annoying to hear substanceless name-calling. But what do you want? Not everyone is going to write a thesis and even if they did studies show that's not what persuades people.

| >>568321 wanna suck my dick too?
It barely fits Trump's mouth so you know it's really big

| >>568373 I feel sorry for you. What do you feel?

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