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UK Prime Minister resigns during brexit shitstorm

| Little to no chance of the people getting an general election.

| Ironically it's the end of May.
But otherwise, good. She's been incapable of delivering a deal that works. Only issue now is it will probably play into the Brexit party or UKIPs hands.

| I hope the UK collapses. Kingdoms are anachronisms anyways. Scotland should separate from the UK and probably join the EU. I also hope the same happens in spain with the catalans.

| Oh, and ireland should be reunited under a laizist government. Fuck this religious idiots too. Monarchs and Clerics belong to the feudal age. The same counts for all the other european monarchs those arab monarchies, the iranian ayatollahs, the vatican, tibet, north korean juche fuckers and the other far-east monarchies (japan, thailand)
They are all anachronisms without any use. Laizist republic ftw!

| source please.

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This thread is permanently archived