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Why people hate centrists so much?

| What's the problem with wanting to cherry-pick the best parts from both left and right instead of blindly believing either is already perfect?

| that's because people are dumb and need polarizing sides to make their lives less boring by yelling "opinions" about politics w others

| >>562910
That's not centrism . You're describing hybridism, which is also useless because literally every ideology is a mix of ideas. Typically, people don't like centrists because they tend to fall in line with the status quo, they give creedence to harmful ideas, they tend to dipict disparate ideas as equally valuable, and defining an ideology as "the center" is inherently reactionary and ignores political and historical context.

| because jews want left right paradigm to cause more tension between the niggers

| Another problem is that cherry picking the good things is insanely naive, I want unregulated capitalism, I also want free healthcare, that's just incompatible and you'll see many centrist hold similar positions.

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| >>562910
>What's the problem with wanting to cherry-pick the best parts from both left and right instead of blindly believing either is already perfect?
>cherry-pick THE BEST parts
>>instead (???)
>believing either is already PERFECT
I wonder how someone could not see the contradiction here.

| >>563396 you retard I posted in /u/ and don't know why the mods moved it here
>>563411 what contradiction? Something that's not perfect is still allowed to have good parts, maybe even nest ones, I jist think mix8ng and matching will bring a better system, not perfect either but still better than what we have from either side

| >>563453
Idk where to start dude. You seem a little uninformed. "Mixing and matching" isn't centrism, and nobody you should take seriously will say that every facet of their ideology is perfect. I think I've already listed a few flaws with centrism earlier in the thread.

| people are retarded and think centrism doesn't exist

| >>563453
>good parts
Who decides which parts are "good"? The omniscient central comitee of centrists? In practice it seems like "centrist" often pick the "rotten" cherries.
Let's look at post-soviet russia for example. While the current "centrist" establishment pisses on the greatest achievements from the octobre revolution they cultivate mostly the bad parts such as authocratism, persona cult, militarism, imperialism etc. (mostly stuff from the dark period of stalinism).

| >>563553
aren't you a commie
>cub sachs adolf

| >>563554
Does it really matter?

| >>563705
yup that's a commie

| Maybe I'm using the term "centrist" too loosely, by "centrist" I wanted to imply "someone who is not content with the left and right and that believes both are getting too extreme and dogmatic"
Like, both have some ideas that could work but they're all so caught up in their petty demonizing of the other and on finding an enemy to destroy that they don't do anything remotely useful

| >>563709 well people hate that position because it's just ignorant..liberals and the left by definition aren't as dogmatic as the right and to conflate them ("both sides") is something right wing fascists happen to want and do to undermine the value of the truth. It's reactionary and it's not attached to any kind of reality. Centrism moves to the right every time, which is why the label centrist is often a lie. A conservative with another name. Anti-intellectual.

| >>563709 like for real name one issue the right has good ideas on. Healthcare? Corporate taxes? The economy? Immigration? Job creation? Education? Mental illness? In every one of these issues the conservative position is worse by like every metric. Why do you think liberalism tends to increase with education?

| >>563709 I know I'm lecturing you but this is important. Nobody is content with their sides (notice conservatives are angry even when they're in power), they're picking the least bad option. Not being content doesn't make you a centrist, it makes you human. Vote for the least awful human and judge them by their policies and their results. If you do this and you do your research you will not become a centrist, you will lean one way or another. Bet on it.

| >>563719 What if you believe important issues do not need social solutions, but technological ones, and therefore shun the social structure as means to a desirable end?
I believe in a few things which I can find in both the left and the right, and although it's possible that I lean towards one, my goal isn't to be in an arbitrary center, but to satisfy basic needs of any human being without the use of a society. You might call this centered, however. Whether it is, I dunno.

| Naturally, I don't like the idea of demonizing human beings despite their surface views and their actions, though I am not afraid to prevent harm. This could make me out to be 'trying to be everything at once', like a centrist, when really I'm trying to prevent harm to others, as doing so in the name of serving their interests is contradiction.

| So my question is, if I sound like a centrist and look like a centrist, and intend on finding common threads, does that makr me a centrist, and is it then such a bad thing as you say?

| >>563951 lmao then you're actually a neoliberal and probably a corporatist (which still means you should vote democrat if you want your interests represented).
You really think the economic woes caused by the automation of labor can be solved with more technology and machines? Why not just ditch the government for Google and Apple then? Notice, also, that neither this nor the other things qualify you as a centrist.

| >563954 by the way I asked you for even one idea the right has that isn't awful and you couldn't name a single one. Pretty sure if you can't name a single good idea one half of the spectrum has it's not worth trying to cater to that side. Wanting the best for humanity doesn't make you a centrist. Try again.
And if your idea of a centrist is someone who supports bad ideas just because people believe them, well, now you know why other people hate that.

| >>563960 like for real dude, let's take this to its conclusion. The right says global warming is a hoax and the left says it's real. The right says the answer is corporate deregulation and the left says the answer is uhhhh the exact opposite of that. Not wanting the earth to boil humanity alive doesn't make you a centrist, trying to cater to both opposing positions does.

| Nothing wrong with centrists, but the people whose opinions will simply shift towards whoever they are converting with are cancerous. It's like they don't actually have any real opinions and in a state of perpetual aggreement with everyone.

That's not even to mention the E N L I G H T E N E D centrists.

| >>563951 you uh, you do know that pretty much every real technological advancement is the product of some social program, right? What do you think schools and roads and hospitals and farms and businesses are supported by? Did you read what Adam Smith said about a free and innovative market requiring robust government regulation and infrastructure?
>> Waste Eddy fact

| Ok one last question, why can't we all just put those differences aside and stop all the witch hunting?
I mean, nothing will get done as long as all this hatred controls everyone
And no I don't care that you hate "only the bad people" who are "making this world worse" that's just a dumb reasoning to justificate and normalize hatred, we shouldn't hate anyone regardless of the reasoning behind it

| >>564000 disagreeing with someone's ideas isn't hatred. What are you talking about?
I don't hate conservatives, I pity them and try to vote in their best interests (many of them are wage laborers, you understand). And when they tell me things that aren't true, I present them with things that are true. I only do this work (and it is work. This is work, intellectual labor, too) because I care about them and you too much to see y'all labor under a delusion.

| >>564000 are you talking about why people hate centrists? It's because they don't have an actual position and so it's easy. People hate reactionaries because reactionaries just react. Look at every piece of media you enjoy; you hate the passive characters, doubly so about the ones who complain about it.

| >>564000 like are you seriously asking why can't Nazis and liberals just agree that Nazis are half right? Come the fuck on bro

| My take: The real reason why bith sides hate ob centrism is because centrism is sympathetic to all sides. By even considering adopting small parts of one side, the other side immediately rejects it. And incorporating from the other side results in yhe first sode shunning it. In a world of a dogmatic "us-and-them" mentality, centrists take fire from all sides because it has semblences of each side, or at the very least because it doesnt dogmaticly agree with a side.

| continuing, not all centrists are inherently reactionary. Yes, they do often favor status quo, but that doesnt mean theyre entirely against change. Centrism is based in the idea of "too much of a good thing", aka "moderation". that things should be considered carefully. Sure, often solutions lay outside the "centrist" zone, but centrism also acts as a buffer against rampant ideology.

| An another note, centrism is also a relative position, as is left amd right. An american centrist is very different than a north korean or Swedish centrist? Why? Because a center is what lies between two points. What is considered centrist depends entirely on what the other major points are. In the US, this is the Republican and Democratic parties. In other nations, these points lay in different positions. Thus, in each nation, "centrism" takes a different form.

| >>563453
>Something that's not perfect is still allowed to have good parts
Well, but there are things that have absolutely no good parts (except beeing a negative example) such as racism, death penalty, imperialism, militarism, totalitarianism, etc. Of course, as soon we talk about political ideologies we talk about packages which gives positions to all these questions. And we also should distinguish between the intention, theory and practice of these.

| >>563453 >>564228
>Something that's not perfect is still allowed to have good parts
But there are political ideologies on the right wing that have neither intentionally nor theoretically nor practically good parts, such as nazism/fascism. I don't see which cherries one should pick from this rotten load of shit. There is absolutely no variation or historical example which holds any positive aspect that is exlusive for these ideologies.

| >>564231 >>564228 well, right now YOU are cherry picking examples while ignoring the parts that don't help your narrative so....

| >>564121 disagree. conservative and liberal have meanings; by definition conservatives are less open to change/questioning their values than liberals. what winds up happening is centrists and the left making concessions to the right while the right doesn't move at all or goes further right.
Also, centrism is necessarily reactionary to the current overton window. Those who blame partisans for this are unwitting partisans

| >>564234 not really tho

| >>564000 I agree, disagreement is fine but ad-hominems are pointless.
>>563965 Hahahahaha voting.

| >>564363 lmao do you valorize laziness and apathy so hard that you can't even be arsed to vote? What is even the point of all this political esoterica if you're not even gonna take the two seconds to check the least wrong box every few years?
Do you actually have a contribution or are you just going to condescend to people do your civic duty for you?

| >>564363 put another way: if you laugh at people who vote you can't complain that your taxes are too high....

| I don't. Do you complain so? :p >>564387
Quite the opposite, and I don't mind voters one bit. I don't vote for my own reasons, which are obviously not for you. Remember to consult your doctor before taking. >>564385

| Mainly because I am below legal age to vote. And if I do vote, I'll write in a candidate that will never win, despite how good they may be. The reason I laugh is because I might as well have no vote. And I'll be the one doing civic duty, you just won't know it, because I'm not big on billboards. Know that I do appreciate your vigor, so I am considering your points as seriously as I can. >>564385

| The point of all the esoterica, as you put it, is so my moral compass points in the right direction and so I understand people. You can't capture that in a ballot box that can't even capture the voice of all its citizens and listen to their troubles consistently.

| >>564631 so you don't vote but if you did you'd be sure to waste it? Did that sound better in your head or what?
>>564634 yeah that's a lotta nonsense, no offense. If your moral compass just points and it doesn't affect your actions, it's a waste.
If you really think "hahahaha voting" is a good way to express how you feel about the only avenue of political agency that most people have, you're not trying to understand anyone. Try again or be better.

| >>564634 case in point: if all the esoterica does is cause you to vote for someone you knew couldn't win, it was pointless to vote, and to learn. And also to waste other's time pretending to want to learn. And yet you laugh at people who vote in your interests even when those candidates aren't perfect and you chide partisans who think the opposite. You are a fool.

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