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IRL Va-11 Hall-A Opens in Japan

| Released earlier this month in the Nintendo eShop, VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is a visual novel of a different flavor. Swapping dialogue choices for a Mixology 101 course instead, fans now have the opportunity to recreate the drinks in real life, as two bars in Japan are giving the task a go as part of a promotion for the game’s release on Switch and PlayStation 4 later this month.

| Two different takes on VA-11 HALL-A’s basic drink, Sugar Rush, can be experienced — from now until June 16th.

| Interpreting the 2 Adelhyde to 1 Powdered Delta ratio, we have a vodka-based interpretation from Bar Sekirei and a cassis, orange peel, and beer concoction from Akihabara Anison DJ BAR Alike Misuzu. Ordering each drink at their respective locations will also include promo items, a postcard and button, while supplies last.

| Depending on the success of the game’s port to Switch and PS4 in Japan, we might hopefully see a full-fledged VA-11 HALL-A bar appear in Japan someday. Until that day comes, at least those who attend the two bars can pretend that they’re spending their time in a PC-98 styled world, waiting for an interesting customer to enter, letting their stories unfurl with the sip of their favorite drinks.

| https://nintendowire.com/news/2019/05/20/japan-brings-va-11-hall-as-bartending-to-life-in-two-akihabara-bars/

| Idk g/u/rls. Feels kind of weird having Nintendo news sources reporting on Va-11 Hall-A. This is definitely new. Now we just need them to announce Jill and the Red Comet for smash...

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Humpfdhdkf YES

| Second time they do this drink interpretation thing, if memory serves right.

Shame the glasses aren't the one from the game. Then again, drinking liquids from a test tube never goes right.

| I really hope it becomes popular in Japan. Imagine all the merchandising and shit we could get

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I Dorothy, Jimmy or even Sei (before *spoilers*) will probably do better than Jill tough.

| >>562994 who is Jimmy? Jamie? A client of yours?

| >>562994 What about Gillian? He can survive an argentine backbreaker, walking around a city scale *spoiler* like nothing, and wathever past is chasing him.

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