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"We treated them well"

| Biscuit companys "bahlsen" heiress defends forced labour during the nazi-era in her heritage.


Daily reminder that succes as individual achievement in capitalism is not real, and how extremely ignorant some of the systems "top performers" can be, if it is about the origin of their privileges.

| Who?

| >>561470
The information you search for is even included in the link itself

| >>561413
>The Forward delivers incisive coverage of the issues, ideas and institutions that matter to American Jews.
>Sucribe today! Just $1 for the first month!
yep, it's gonna be a yikes from me

| While defending these thing is bad, I do feel that a lot of the time we go too far in demanding apologies for things that happenned to different people than those demanding the apology by different people than those the apology is demanded of.

| >>562017 I'm sorry but what?

| >>562032 I think>>18e476 means that unrelated people demand apologies too much, even more than the victims, even though they are unrelated

| Damn. I wish I wasn't doing low carbs so I could crush some Choco Leibniz.

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This thread is permanently archived