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What is your philosophy?

| And how do you reconcile it with your politics in these trying times?

| My philosophy is science. Why risk stuff when you can do tests and find better solutions. Many political things these days sound good but have a bigger net loss then gain.

| My philosophy is that if there's a problem in my life then I must be the one to take care of it
So it aligns well with my political views of wanting total freedom, no strings attached, A.K.A. Anarchy

| >>561138 that assumes that all things in your life can be done by the individual. Clearly that is not the case... you'll not build your own car, generate your own electric, grow your own candy bars... it would be like being arranged on an island alone. Shitty lean-to of sticks and try to knock some coconuts out of the trees BUT WAIT, the island is populated by other individuals and you are all pathologically loners. How long until someone whacks you in the head while you sleep?

| >>561151 whatever I became an engineer exactly because I wanted to make my own car, generate my own electricity and stuff like that
I don't like interacting with people and like even less depending on them
Also if someone comes to kill me then I wasn't good enough to avoid dying, that's all

| 1. live and let live
2. always be honest
3. always be sceptical
4. see every moment as a lesson in the school of life
5. never give up
6. fight for everyones freedom to live according to their abilities and needs!
7. we've nothing to loose except our chains (but we have a world to win!)

| How about Guylosophy and it's just for the fellas?

| The most important rule is leave everyone himself

| >>561156 a car by definition needs roads to operate feasibly. Do you pave the roads too or was that the state? And your University? Private, I assume?

This is why I ask how you reconcile it with your politics. I'd like to claim I'm self-sufficient too but every small-government place I've been too is a shithole.

| >>561224 then I'll make something that flies or a hovercraft I just don't want to depend on others
Other people only pretend to be nice and then when the opportunity appears they stab you on the back, I don't that to happen yet again so I'll do whatever I can to be self sufficient and avoid needing others

| >>561228 You don't think governments regulate air travel either?
I'm not critical of self-sufficiency because I just trust people, I'm critical of it because it's a nonsensical position. Didn't you read Macbeth? Heck, who do you think created the language you use to understand the maths you use to engineer things? Who tools the parts?
Heck, why are you on this message board at all? Do you also grow and kill your own food? What about land ownership?

| >>561245 dead people can't stab me in the back I'll use them without fear

| >>561249 so you're okay with using other people so long as they can't use you back?
That's...kinda contradictory to being self-sufficient, no?

| And of course I probably don't need to point out studies which show conservatives/libertarians have large amygdalas, which is why they always appeal to fear instead of reason, empathy, or reciprocation, and which is also why their philosophical positions change with the wind. Do I?

| >>561249 I mean after all, I'm using you right now, Bro. And I'm trying to let you use me but shucks if you aren't fighting me on it.

| why do you all care so much that I don't like other people?

| >>561260 because you responded to a thread asking about your philosophy with something that didn't make philosophical sense. Your claims are not internally consistent.
Or, put another way, I'd like to believe what you believe, but I have to be convinced first.
Why did you respond to this thread if your whole thesis was that you want to avoid interaction with uhhhhhhh people?
You see how I can answer your questions even though you avoid mine?

| My philosophy is absurdism; I don't believe there is any meaning to anything humans can comprehend. So, because I'm weak and human, I vote and act in a way I think will make life as materially happy and wealthy as possible for the most humans whilst trying to reduce undue suffering and poverty as much as possible.
This is not always easy in modern society. I'm also the OP and am open to critique if it's in good faith

| Nobody can stop you from doing anything, life is genuinely what you make of it. Have fun and do what thou wilt.

| >>561273 but like that's straight up false tho. History is full of people being stopped from doing things by other people...

| >>d5a18d I KNOW for a fact I'm fucking dumb amd I don't think that I need to even make sense, thinking is just not for me I stupid I know it and there's nothing I can do about it
A college degree is not a certification of intelligence I know that too
Now stop trying to convince me to trust others, that always ends badly to me

| >>561280 so that stuff about you being an engineer wasn't true?
I'm not trying to convince you to trust others, I'm explaining to you that you already do, you just don't know it.
I mean, you're free to stop responding, but it's somewhat clear from your actions you don't believe what you're saying. You obviously trust me enough to keep responding; have I betrayed you yet?

| >>561296 it was true I AM an engineer, but that doesn't make me smart, that just means I'm good at math
I don't know if I trust you or if you already betrayed me but I sure hope you don't betray me because this shit happened again today and I'm probably screwed because of it tomorrow, I hate this.. M

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