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When did something "click?"

| What was some information/ideas/experiances that you would say played a major part in shaping your political views?

| meeting a communist for the first time. then i suddenly wasn't a communist anymore

| I've yet to click

| When my hand touched the mouse button hard enough
The mouse clicked
Now for reals it was when someone said there was no pure system, only hybrid ones, that got me thinking and I reached the conclusion that looking to make someone else's dreamed system is dumb and we should strive to make a perfect Frankenstein system with only the good parts of the others
Fuck taking sides, I'm all for appropriating ideas from them and making a crazy mix

| Ideasguys were a mistake.

| For me it started in my school, where people were bullied for wearing cheap clothes. The teachers were ignorant and had no interest in pupils social problems. Like many people they had no idea how it is to live in poverty. They believed that poor people deserve to be poor because they are so stupid and lazy - even over generations.

| Then my best friends father, who migrated and became with 16 years a bricklayer at building sites, became his first stroke. His wife (and my friends mother) already had cancer, and so my friends family suddenly became very poor. Even more poor then me. The joke was, that the insurances approved to pay when he died after his third stroke. It was pretty sad and ridicolous and made us very angry. First time I wished to get rid of this society.

| The 3rd incident in my life which pushed me more toward socialist/communist ideas was when my first gf was molested by a nazist/gang. She was also pretty poor but her parents supported her with all they had. They were from vietnam and had a ho-chi-minh potray hanging over a buddhist shrine in their living room.

Finally, when I learned a job and started working I was picked up by trade unionists. They gave me the support no one else gave, and told me about class struggle.

| Oh, and there was one more thing which confirmed all my prejudices about the (real and wannabe) upper class, I learned to hate so much over the years:
I once was invited to a party at a private elite college. The people I met there were the sons and daughters of economically succesfull doctors, lawyers, politicians, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. Surprisingly many of them were pretty much air-headed. They all were floating in the sky and had no idea how it is to start with nothing.

| >>559081

| >>559082 I was pushed to communism when I started working and was told by my manager to do my job. The nerve! I understand your struggles completely.

| >>559125

| Jews are behind everything. Start looking at the last names and ask questions why jews are occupy so many positions of power despite being a minority.

| >>559477 I have a different theory, the true people behind everything direct their operatives in positions of power to declare themselves Jewish to lead everyone away from their true identities
But I still don't know who they are, if I knew they'd have killed me already

| >>559477
There was this thing called "diaspora". Jews always played a special role in many countries. Most of them were persecuted, opressed and used as scapegoats for everything that went wrong. But sometimes their special status and abilities allowed some of them to gain some privileges. Other than most other people back then lots of jews could read and write. And they had connections across many countries. Both is very useful for trading activities.

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Also, other than Christians and Muslims, jews were allowed to take interest, which is essential for financial business.
In more conservative/backwarded societies in the east and south (Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Italy, etc.) jews rarely got this privileges. They either migrated to central europe and the new world orvthey were attracted by more revolutionary, anti-absolutistic and later also anti-capitalist ideas.

| >>559477
This whole combination brought some (!) jews in very powerful positions in economy and politics (capitalists, revolutionary leaders, etc.), while the majority of them had to suffer from stigmatization, beeing scapegoated, percecuted and finally systematically murdered.
There is no and there never was a jewish conspiracy. This was just invented by right-winged reactionists to distract masses from the failure of their rotten, failing political/economical system and practice.

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>I was pushed to communism when I started working and was told by my manager to do my job. The nerve! I understand your struggles completely.
It doesn't matter if you are just a troll or if you are serious:
No, you understood nothing and you are no communists. It's not about not doing your job. It's about that people decide together HOW they want to do their jobs without advices from a wacky manager who only follows his personal interests.

| >>559558
1. That person was definitely a troll
2. If communism is about people deciding things together then it's even more doomed to fail than I previously believed
3. Not all managers are evil, mine helps me all the time even on personal matters and I still play online with my previous one
I honestly think YOU are missing the point of communism and just reciting propaganda from half assed self proclaimed communists

| the fools who just recite propaganda are the cancer of every ideology and push people away from ever knowing what they are about
That goes for both communism and capitalism, most "debates" on the topic are idiots regurgitating propaganda from both sides

| When I realized I was a lesbian, the entire right-wing conspiracy theorist cult mindset my parents drilled into me from birth shattered into a thousand pieces.

| >>559559
1. At least here we have a common ground
2. This is misanthropic and/or anti-democratic. For me communism only fails/failed as soon it turns into an autocratic, hierarchical dictatorship, like we already know and have it from the reactionist bourgeoisie during capitalist crisis.
3. You're probably lucky at the moment. But as soon their businesses start struggling, your managers will show their true faces. You will see.

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well i guess you should take a look at the US. congress then. (your narrative has suffered a critical hit)
2. but that's the only way communism can survive.
3. been fired a few times too much eh commie?
a real shocker that socialists tend to be unemployed. the real worker is a capitalist.

| >>559620 usually socialists and communists are either angry at the world for their lack of success or just too lazy to even try, it's way easier to complain that the system is at fault, after all

| >>559626
i have never met an intelligent, hard-working communist. somehow, they've always been weak dogma-bitches. interestingly enough, some of the most hard-working, most erudite, most patriotic and self-sacrificial people that i have had the honour to know were...

| >>559628
...either capitalist, conservative or just plain fascist

| >>559628 Zack de la Rocha

| >>559628 Jimmy Neutron, Dexter or a samurai named Samuel

| What have I done...

| >>559652 sucked a monkey's nest while a crab peeked at the lemons

| >>559570
I was with you until the manager thing. In the end theyre wage laborers just like you and I, theyre just paid more to incentivize compliance, and even then(anecdote incoming) many of the managers Ive worked with needed second jobs. Usually theyve been very understanding and kind because theyve been where we are. If they ever do act ruthlessly, theyre just being a mouthpiece for corporate. Plus they can be held responsible for their employee's fuck ups. Its a vicious system

| >>6061cf
You seem to have a lot of misconceptions. Communism is just a stateless, classless society where workers have control of their labor and access to the full products of it

The way youre using the word, "propoganda" it could mean any shared idea ever

The rest are just dishonest/inaccurate ad homs that dont really make any arguments against socialism. Plus, even if I gave you examples of "successful" socialists like Einstein and Tupac, I think youd just call them hypocrits.

| >>559672 you really don't get it, do you? I'm talking about both self proclaimed capitalists and self proclaimed communists, both have their well prepared scripts that they repeat over and over again, when faced with a question they can't handle they try to steer back to the previous topic that allows them to repeat the same things over and over, idiots like this are a cancer that dumbs down any possible debate because all they do is repeat what they heard without any meaning

| Just like our beloved "managers are evil" friend here, when presented with anecdotal evidence of a good manager what she did? She started talking about how the manager will turn evil almost like older generations used to talk about the boogeyman, no content just fear mongering to avoid having to give a real answer

| >>559673
Youre missing the point. What Im saying is you arent saying anything. People have political ideologies, so what? I could easily say youre just regurgitating centrist propoganda, but why would I? Its not a substantial critique of centrism. If Im being generous it could just be a statement on the popularity of centrist thought.

| >>559674
In this case the commentor did touch on the truth. In inevitable bust periods, employees tend to get laid off, or get reduced hours at the very least. This isnt dogma, its an empirical observation. The way they phrased it was melodramtic and over emphasized the manager's role, but still. It doesnt change the fact that capitalism is obviously volitile.

| I'm just waiting for the next Dark Age.

| My parents came from a communist country. Listening to them gave me one of the reasons why I don't advocate for it. However, in a neutral environment, I like to listen to other people. Still, I find it depressing people here want the same (or similar) system my family ran away from.

I don't vote for x party just because my family does. I'm a little too careful around who I vote for.

| I partake in debates time to time. Even if the topic can be considered controversial.

I spend time thinking about certain issues and how it can be remedied.

| Just because a problem exists doesn't mean that there's a solution for it.

| >>560150 just because you don't see an answer doesnt mean the answer is "do nothing"

| >>559626
>usually socialists and communists are either angry at the world for their lack of success
Ah, the typical ignorance. Come down from your neoliberal elven-tower and accept that your capitalist utopia doesn't exist and that economical success pretty often on cost of others.
>or just too lazy to even try,
Try what? Becoming a "successful" capitalist without capital? In reality it's like in a casino. Plus everyone who found a trick to win, will close the doors for others.

| >>559626
>it's way easier to complain that the system is at fault, after all
"The system is at fault" is a quite popular phrase you hear from the increasing political right these days. For them "the system" already is a socialist-communist-libearl-jewish-muslim-gay conspiracy.
And the actual (economical-/neo-) liberals don't get it that their fucking system is the cause for all this bullshit. Or they get it and they're glad that nazism is more popular than marxism.

| >>559626
Because there is no doubt that marx (and engels) hit some really serious spots regarding the economical system. The ignorance to this criticism by the defenders (=real or believed profiteers) of this system is always suprising. Because every day it becomes more and more obvious:
-Individual economical success is seldom the result of individual work.
-the devil shits always on the biggest pile
-Autocratic, nazist, racist and similar movements flourish (divide and conquer)

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