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| The same dude who wants to "liberate" cuba, guatemala and venezuela from socialist dictatorship, allies and supports an absolutist regime that leads a dirty war in jemen with much civil collateral damage and systematically percecutes and murders any kind of opposition. They recently just decapitated 37 prisoners at once. And no word by worlds prime liberator and head of world police (USA) Tonald Drump. I wish some nice islamists make it to the white house and kill this asshole.

| I have no idea what you're talking about, gurl. Source please

| An example of selective sanctions in the name of "freedom":


recent decapitations:

There is no source for the silence of Trump Administration on Saudi Arabia, because they are so silent about it.

| I will give you many more sources that unmasks the hypocritical double-standard by Trump Administration if you wish too. For example that they directly threatened Venezuela with military intervention in the name of humanism. Also funny is that many Trump supporters shit their pants about islam, while their leader supports them. Also their thoughts on humam rights, especially about womens equality and sexual freedom, is pretty similiar to islamists. Hypocrites!

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>Also funny is that many Trump supporters shit their pants about islam, while their leader supports t̵h̵e̵m̵ islamists.

| Trump is a disappointment to you Americans he promised making America great and focused on helping foreign countries, hope "Brazilian Trump" Bolsonaro doesn't end up being such a disappointment and actually puts Brazil back on track

| Honestly not surprised. America is no stranger to interventionism. Just ask Iran, Chile, and Vietnam. Seems like America only cares about freedom when it comes to itself.

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I would go further: The USA only care about freedom, when it is about the freedom of the rich. They don't care for the poor, not in the world and not in their own country. I wish this hellhole will once drown in the shit it produces.

| Welcome to politics. Where everyone has a double standard. Oh, but I'm sure your favorite politician would be an absolute saint.

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Nice Relativism. The funny thing about Trump is, that a big part of his popularity is based on the asumption that he does things better and different ("drain the swamp") while in fact he does much worse than anyone before. It's the same with all right-winged populists: they only make things worse and are only a more extreme continuation of previous failures instead of a solution.

| >>558998 Every politician is like that. That's just how it is. That's why the "lesser of two evils" is a common theme in voting. If you think he's the greater, there are plenty who think he's the lesser.

Oh, but I'm sure you're preferred politician will usher in the promised utopia.

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>Every politician is like that.
Yeah, maybe in the rotten USA, but in other countries there were and are other kind of politicians. The only thing is that they suspiciously often end up at the CIA's termination list.

>lesser of two evils
There are always more than two evils, and their difference is not as trivial as you want to make us believe.

boring, old killer argument. And btw. I'm already satisfied with opposing the dystopian tendencies. No need for utopia.

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