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I'm sick of how "transphobephobe" is

| I support minorities and transgenders, there should be no shame on being what you want to be and i understand that they are oppressed by many. But i'm legit sick of people kinda overusing the word in social media. I just wish that i could see that word less or just for a day without seeing it. a dumb rant it is but thats just what i feel. I feel like "transphobia" has been used so much that it doesn't have as much value as it did before.

| Oops fucked up the title, meant to say "I'm sick of how "transphobe" is overused in social medias"

| I didn't understand the point of your rant. Are you "sick" of people overusing the word, making it feel less powerful? or that they are just throwing it at everything they dont like?

| you just realized the one big difference between USA and Europa. Europa realizes that people are inherently unequal and different but that everybody is a citizen capable of doing good and that if someone gets somewhere on their own, credit to them.
the USA is basically so obsessed about race, discrimination and racism that it ends up being discriminating and racist. it's at the point where it's trying to fix the titanic with some flex tape.

| >>557136
IT DOESN'T WORK and it will never work. people are different, races stick to themselves and discrimination is natural. Europa is saying "to each people their place" while the USA is saying "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH". and Europa is basically not racist, unless you try to forcefully wedge in immigrants and 'refugees', because it destabilizes societal homogeneity and peace.
by the way, this multiculturalism thing is an US. import. look how well it's turned out in the USA...

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relating this to what OP was saying: being obsessed about discrimination is an USA thing. it still hasn't understood that to stop discrimination, you have to stop talking about it. many people end up racist because of anti-racist witch hunts. the same thing applies to faggers in the west.
>dixie more lanky

| >>557139
>an USA
fuck me i guess i'll a hero now

| I still don't even fucking know what rights they want apart from choosing which restroom to use and to compete in sports of the gender they choose, one is insignificant and the other will harm current athletes
There was that weirdo in another thread that wanted doctors to do procedures that go against their beliefs what's a breach of someone else's rights and that expected the middle east to stop killing trans people what's virtually impossible they kill anyone over there (1/2)

| So can someone please tell me what rights the trans are actually fighting for? I simply can't see any right a non-trans have over trans people other than "gender specific" rights that were actually made considering sex and not gender, rights that seriously need to be reworded to avoid this kind of misunderstanding

| >>557147 that was to be (2/2)
So I guess, now this one is (3/2)?

| Transphobes and TERFs are going to go down in history just as shamed and reviled as those pathetic angry whitest-as-white-can-be racist motherfucks who protested de-segregation. You know the ones in the history books waving protest signs at the black girl trying to go to school? How they look so disgusting and filled with nothing but hate, like their souls have long since disintegrated? It's just sad that some people willingly let themselves become a vessel for that sorta thing.

| Transphobes and TERFs are going to go down in history just as shamed and reviled as those pathetic angry whitest-as-white-can-be racist motherfucks who protested de-segregation. You know the ones in the history books waving protest signs at the black girl trying to go to school? How they look so disgusting and filled with nothing but hate, like their souls have long since disintegrated? It's just sad that some people willingly let themselves become a vessel for that sorta thing.

| Speaking as a trans g/u/rl, I can see that people can overuse and falsely accuse others of being transphobic. I also think that there's still a really big amount of transphobia present in people's day to day lives. TERFs and groups like that def contribute to that. So, yeah, it can be overused and placed on people or things that don't deserve it, but trans people aren't always as safe or accepted as some people think. IDK, maybe I'm overthinking it.

| Trans people are more likely to be discriminated against when it comes to housing and employment opportunities, more likely to be harrassed at work, and more likely to be raped.

| >>557212 yeah because everyone dreams of raping a tranny... Lol

| >>557214


My bad, the figure is that 47% of transsexuals have been sexually assaulted. Compared to the 33% of cisgender women and 17% of cisgender men. You can look up statistics from the CDC,or the NSVRC too. LGBTQ people in general are more likely to be victims of sexual assault.

| >>557222 are they really, or are they just the ones that report more when it happens?(and maybe when it doesn't happen, too)
Also who the fuck made the term 'cisgender', makes it sound like a terrible thing to not be trans, it sounds like a slur

| And let's all be honest, being trans is no fucking excuse to act like a weirdo, don't complain you didn't get a job if didn't behave on the interview or focused more on your "condition" than on your qualifications for the job
It's the same shit I always said during the gay fad, the problem is not your sexuality the problem is when you want to act like a weirdo to "show off" your identity like a trophy, a company wants to know wht you have to offer not about ypur sexuality

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The organizations who publish these studies typically gather data from organizations that offer aid to rape/sexual assault victims. It's in the best interest of these organizations to file the most credible claims to help victims most effectively. The term cisgender is a technical term with no negative connotations. The prefix, "cis" is derived from Latin and most directly translates to "on the side of" as opposed to trans meaning "across"

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I haven't found any statistics about trans people acting weird during job interviews. What does it mean to "show off" your identity in this context? It's not like these people carry around neon signs declaring that they're trans or gay.

| >>557227 ok so your research is probably right, a 47% of a group that represents less than 3% of the world population means they are targeted more than 33% of a group that's probably around 49% of the population
Do the math, even if most rapists went after women the percentage of women who were raped would probably still be lower
And there's also a huge number of women who were raped and never reported it for whatever reason they had not to

| >>557228 then how the employer knows? I was NEVER asked if I was trans or homossexual im any job interview, because that's not a relevant information

| >>557230
You're missing the point of percentages. These are per capita measurements. Yes, transsexuals have a higher percentage value per individual, but that's because there's less of them to rape. The fact that the ratio of of trans rape to cis rape is so vast means that they're targeted disproportionately. More often then not, easier to exploit a minority. The same safety nets don't exist for them.

| >>557230
And yes, many victims don't report their assualts, but it's hard to gauge, and doesn't invalidate these statistics. If anything, that fact means that these figures are underinflated and are even bigger issues.

| >>557231
A lot of employers do. Especially in states where trans people aren't a protected class. The protected class status also doesn't extend to privately owned businesses. Plus, not all people who transition can physically embody the traits associated with their gender, which could tip an employer off.

| phobic is a silly word to use because it implies fear. same with homophobic and xenophobic.

im considered transphobic because i dont like that children are being used in their political war and being given puberty blockers when they arent always even trans.

when it comes to restroom politics i think instead of burdening businesses by mandating construction of new bathrooms we might as well just make all of them unisex because everyones poop is equally gross

| most boys who think they're girls are just repulsive whining fags imo
the world doesn't want you

| >>557262 exactly!

>>557258 then that's a US specific problem, what makes me even madder that the trans rights people bother me, that's not a problem where I live, except idiots from where I live love to imitate whatever movement is happening in the US even when our laws already cover the discrimination stuff(unintentionally but they do)

| >>557261
When you're looking at the word through the most literal etymological lense sure, but again these are technical terms and are never used that way in any serious setting.

Most cases of childhood gender transexuality are diagnosed by professional psychologists and neurologists, and the child's behavior is monitored for years. The effects of puberty blockers can be reversed btw. If their behavior and neurology is consistent to the age of 16, they start hormone treatment

| >>557261
Transexual children who don't receive this kind of attention, they're more likely to be depressed or self mutilate to resemble the gender they want to transition to

| >>557271
I'm not sure you'd like to divulge where you live, but if you do I could look at some statistics and policies.

Nobody said activists can't be abrasive or uninformed, but that has nothing to do with the bigger issues here. Even if a problem is US specific, it's still a problem.

| Society demands things of all of us. Asking the rest of the world to change to accommodate the way you want to look & act is just narcissistic.

| >>557328
I don't really know you, but I'd assume you wouldn't say something like that about the black civil rights movement or the end of serfdom.

Trans people and other minorities who are taken seriously aren't asking for special accommodations, they're asking for equal footing to get by. It just looks like they get special treatment with these new policies being enacted because our society has ignored these issues for so long.

| >>557328
>you get 2 scoops of ice cream
>she gets 1 scoop of ice cream

| >>557116 yeah IDK OP you kinda sound like those angry conservatives who are always mad that the homeless have too much money and cellphones. Like, really? That's....that's what you're doing with your time?

| >Real discrimination in the world

>Lefties call people transphobes

| >>557332 I don't mind people having their rights, but wanting to force harmful hormones into kids, wantig doctors to do procedures that go against their beliefs and getting gold medals in women's divisions of sports because your fucking body is that of a man are a breach of other people's rights
And don't tell me the hormones thing is not a breach of the child's right to grow healthy unless you have a 100% foolproof method to know they are definitely trans, not just confused

| You people are so obsessed with your "rights" that at this point you just want to trample everyone else to get what you want
That kid actually wasn't trans and now their life is ruined? "It's no big deal, we have our rights"
A woman that trained her whole life lost to a muscly dude who decided to identify as female? "not my problem"
That doctor lost their job because the transitioning goes against their religion? "It's the doc's fault"
You people are disgusting

| >>557513
I've already explained the transitioning process for minors on this thread. No respected professional forces kids to take hormones. And why are you demanding a 100% foolproof method? No scientist or doctor will ever say that their method is absolutely perfect, but that doesn't make it any less comprehensive.

| https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/newsroom/wysk/enforcement_protections_lgbt_workers.cfm


In the face of statistics like these, fringe issues like trans women winning at sports, and a doctor losing his job for not doing his job, seem like a pretty minor things to me.

| I'm not unsympathetic to cis athletes or fundamentalist doctors, but this is just a diversion from the actual issues and what trans people are actually asking for.

| Yeah, trans people are the most important, everyone else is secondary
Go kill yourself, I hate idiots like you that think sacrifices for a "greater good" are ok

| >>557561
I'm not saying that trans people are more important, or that scrafices even need to be made. I'm saying that systemic discrimination and the issues you presented are false equivalencies.

In cases where trans people competed in sports, their opponents agreed to compete.

These doctors are refusing to do their jobs. Most of the cases that are rejected aren't even gender re assignment surgeries, they're to correct mishaps afterwards. Rejection can mean dire consequences.

| I'm showing you gaping wounds and you're showing me papercuts.

Reals over feels bro.

| god damn this thread really shows you how little people actually know about trans people (but love to act like they know anyway). it's just beating up the same strawmen used in every discussion about transgenderism

| All I see from trans people is a bunch of petty idiots who get mad and call out oppression on things that are either minor and not worth wasting time over or just a general problem that's not specific to trans people and should be solved for everyone(like the rape thing)
Or the job thing, that I honestly don't buy, a true capitalist doesn't care about details that won't affect productivity and profit

| >>557673
I feel like we're treading old ground here. We've already established that the only one whining about pointless issues is you.

Nobody said that trans issues were the only ones that needed solving, we're just not having that conversation yet. I'm honestly all for having it since you're obviously clueless about this one.

To say that a true capitalist doesn't discriminate assumes that "rational actors" will always act rationally, and ignores the history of capitalism.

| >>a82b12
Honestly dude, just take the L and get on with your life

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