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UNCC School Shooter

| https://heavy.com/news/2019/04/trystan-andrew-terrell/amp/

He is diagnosed autistic o_o the plot thickens. I'm not suggesting anything by that other than I think there will (or at least *should be*) some discussion about his support from the school, state, family etc. Clearly he is high-functioning, but this is a disease characterized by a lack of comm and social isolation. What went wrong that could have been done to help him before he progressed to this point?

| Would you mind posting some context about the shooting? I'm quite lost about what happened and why

| fucking again?

| ^ At this point no one is even fazed.

~lazos spied koch

| Wish I could go back in time and kill the columbine shooters before they hurt anyone, these jerks that started all this school shooting fad

| >>556935 You could go back in time and kill them in a school shooting!

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This thread is permanently archived