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RIP Spain

| Socialism win. Help them

| yep. it's sad, actually. i wanted based santiago abascal to win. i'm sure that trans rights anon would have supported them, too.

| Fucking hell. I'm so pissed socialism winned. I had to escape from Venezuela to find the same shit here.

| F
Also inb4 communist freak shows up saying how it's all for the better and all that brainwashed creep stuff

| brief me

| >>556494

The socialist (just...leftist) party had the majority of votes but not enough for governing alone, and currently needs a coalition with independentists or a party which swings from "center" to right.

The simple fact that they have already been in charge for a while after a kicking out the last pm mid-term due to his incompetence tells me that the rest of the posters in this thread are Americans circlejerking the right

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found the communist freak

| >>556508 found the inbred mongol

| >>556465
i wish based santiago abascal was the president :( and he is actually a supporter of trans rights, actually! leftists say that he wants to remove trans rights, but that's fucking lie. he is a trans supporter but he just wants a different set of rights for trans folks like the right of being fired for being trans or the right of being bullied.

| Sorry, but you will have to post an URL to prove that this "Spain" exists. Rules are rules.

| >>556577 Spain is just a codename, if you don't really get it you're not in our clique

| >>556580 Fine. Talk about your imaginary country. I only believe in real countries, like Catalunya.

| >>556584 What's that? Sounds made up...

| >>556671 it's the capital of Europe, du-hhhh

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