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trans rights are getting a shakeup in the US

| i literally cant go a month without my ability to exist getting threatened huh. anyways. the basic deal here is that title VII has been used to protect the employment of trans people in the us from discriminatory hiring and firing practices. however a recent case has opened up the courts to deciding whether it should still apply to sexual orientation bias as well. the effects of this ruling will mostly affect states w/o existing state protections for trans people.

| sources:


| Honestly this stuff is getting too complicated for me to follow anymore. Why do politicians have to be so reluctant against trans stuff? I just hope I dont have job problems.

| yeah a lot of the backlash against stuff like this is basically indefensible bigotry. its impossible to justify but it still makes it into federal court because
> muh Christian Values

| Oh no, people who aren't white straight christians want them same rights as me. Better lynch/enslave/exile them.

What? It's not legal to do that anymore? I'm calling my congressman.

| >>554617 trannies can fuck off

| >>554833 real shit eating hours for you huh

| >>554833 rock on gurl! I agree 100%

| The way I look at the transgender idea is as follows:
Sexual preference has no bearing on differences in equality, being just a part of someone's character at most.
Transgenders, despite being a difference in both sexual preference and mental conduct, still operate inside a specific topic - sex and genders.
Comparing it to worse mental deficiencies, then, is a bit much.
Let's get real, it's sexual shit we're talking about; I'd hope sex issues stay sexual, and not political.

| In that vein, there is absoluutely no reason that transgender people deserve special treatment for being transgender.
They can, like their fellow humans, be assisted in fixing trauma damages, but no positive or negative treatment solely on the basis of their gender identity must be given.
People factually in pain or causing pain need that sort of treatment more, don't you think? And those people in/causing pain can be transgender, but they are people in/causing pain first.

| Empathy and comradery, is fine tho. If you fit in the same niche then you can of course be understanding or supportive. Just remember we're all in niches, and can only lean on each other for support.

| Peace by destroying the opposition is a bad idea: most of us will never be the same, because of nature itself.

| There's a big flaw in 'proving oneself'. One may want at times to crush or defame their opposition, but it does not make people better or a threat less present. It's not a nice thing to do. Even pointing this fact out can be and is used as a weapon; often this is unintentional and/or rationalized, because it is easy and seems logical to hurt people who don't agree with an idea.

| If you want to stop oppression, you have to oppress as little as possible, optimally not at all. That means listening to your enemies and their fears about you, and not getting mad, and proving them dead wrong, if you can. Understanding solves problems; that means proving yourself by making your enemy happy.

| Happy with your solution, because if your solution is right, it has no true enemies.

| As much as I think it's complete fucking bullshit to disciminate against anyone with any kind of mental abnormality that they cannot control, it's frankly fucking annoying seeing trans people make this out as if they're gonna lynched or enslaved or some shit. It should definitely not be okay to just fire someone for being trans but the US isn't the middle east and to act as if it is is super disrespectful to the people suffering there or other less progressive places

| >>ad69a0 fucking thank you

| "my ability to exist"

goddamn, the melodrama with these people

| Can we just give them their "rights" So they can stop bitching

| >>554833
agreed, i'm VOTING TRUMP AGAIN lol

| >>555662
no because then they'll bitch even more. nice psyop though.
why are you using the word 'enemy' then?
they've gone insane and now actually believe that.

| >>554617 And people think I'm a white supremacist when I say we live in clown world
This person thinks they're being persecuted and sent to death row because they aren't allowed into the elusive "opposite sex restroom" and cheat on sports because different sexes have different bodies
boo hoo

| >>555786
boo fucking hoo indeed... have you heard of the yemeni starvation crisis?

| >>555786
>in the US

| Trans people can suck my dick

>heats moist waive

| Holy shit, so some threads get shut down for wanting a place away from these guys to talk, but *this one* gets to say? At this point it's a fucking hate group in here for shitting on trans people because... um... wanting rights means they're delusional? I was hoping they would get bored if you didn't engage them but cripes.

| >>555997 you're wrong trans people are delusional because they truly believe their "right to exist" is 8n danger when they are the ones hunting the opposition like hungry predators

| >>555998
Reality check: trans people just want the basic human rights that cis people get.

Their existence is threatened when people are passing laws that let doctors exclude them from service on the basis of being trans.
So maybe, right now, in the United States (apparently the countries where they'll just kill a tran don't count) they're ok (just universally hated no biggy) but things aren't looking great for them, and I understand why they're afraid.

| >>556003 where do you pull this weird ass info from? Is your ass really deep enough to make all this shit?

| >>556009


| >>556014 sorry but the first article is not prohibiting trans people from having treatment it is protecting people on the medical field from doing procedures that go against their beliefs if you go to a medic because you're sick they won't refuse to treat you, they just won't do stuff like abortions and transition surgeries they will not refuse to treat you for being trans
And the middle east is NOT a good example, you can get killed there for nearly anything

| Do you people even read the articles you share to prove your point or are you so damn spoiled that nothing can oppose you not even indirectly without being considered a crime against your lives

| >>556017b do you even read bro

| >>556014
Hmm. This is when things get complicated. See, people in America have the right to practice and believe whatever religion they want, but what happens if a person of a certain religion is a doctor and doing abortion and transition surgeries goes against what they believe in? They're obviously not gonna want to do that. So people who want to get abortions or get surgeries to transition would have to look elsewhere.

| As a result, doctors who don't want to do those procedures will get a bad name, and will most likely be fired if they get too much backlash, just for standing for what they believe in.

I'm all for trans rights, but we should also respect other people's beliefs and opinions as well, even if we don't agree with it. I definitely think trans people will have their rights eventually so people will have to respect those rights no matter what, but they'll still have their own beliefs.

| But, the thing is, doctors not doing those procedures could also count as discrimination so that's another thing. This is when things get into a weird grey area. Is doing what you believe in in terms of religion a discriminatory thing?

| Also, by the way, not all christians are as evil as some of you g/u/rls make 'em to be. People interpret the bible differently. Some christains are very sweet and open-minded while others are rude and narrow-minded. The vocal minority of christians that are like, "trans people are goin' ta hell!!!1111" are just very loud.

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