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There is new president in Ukraine

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| He was a comedian from a show, where he was a comedian and he accidentally became president of Ukraine.

| State-owned russian media has been broadcasting propaganda about how Ukraine are russia-hating nazis for years. It suddenly went quiet when Ukraine voted a jewish person as president lmao.

| Just another fucking sexist incel bigot who spreads white supremacy

| ^ gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8

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I mean to be fair nazis can exist and there be a jewish pres.
they just didn't vote for him.

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i hope you know how democracy works

| >>554017
Do you?
Because that sounds like a rhetorical question that implies you think everyone rallied around the new pres.

| >>554600 Understandable. Fact of the matter is though, the majority did. Another part also voted for a female. And Poroshenko isn't even a Nazi. It's only hypothetical anyways that the rest of the people who didn't vote for Zelenski are neo-Nazis.

| I just read that Selenskyj is only a puppet for another oligarch, namely "Ihor Kolomojskyj".
Welcome Ukraine, to western style "democracy" which in fact is nothing but a plutocracy.

| >>554672 Ye. Zelenski is a pawn of a former opponent of Poroshenko who dropped out of the elections due to some corruption scandals.

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as long as they extend European influence and stand tall and firm against the russian aggressor, i literally do not give a single fuck. they could have elected a fucking mushroom for all i care as long as he's on our and our leader's side.
>soyuz ives silos

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I don't care if whole ukraine becomes a russian republic or if it stays independent. It simply doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is to get rid of corrupt and autocratic elites all over the world. A russian oligarch is not worse than an ukrainian oligarch. They are both equal scum that has to be disowned. Fuck russia, fuck putin, fuck ukraine, fuck poroschenko and the new clown, fuck Europe, fuck the USA, fuck Trump!
Long live the internationalist solidarity!

| >>555259 fuck you and anyone who may hurt true individuality

| >>555259 nice b8 m8

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pathetic, your ideology is dead in the (red) water. you can always go on your own though, start by giving me all your dirty capitalist money and kulak belongings!
then, inflict some good old red terror on yourself and shoot yourself in the head!
despicable rabble...

| >>555248 Do they extend European influence? Is that even a good thing? Does Russia give a fuck about them? There seems to be a lot of anti-russian propaganda in the west.

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>pathetic, your ideology is dead in the (red) water.
pathetic, our ideology is alive and well. Every day shows us that in theory we are (and always were) pretty close to the core of things.
Also the "red scare" was a much larger scaled form of terror than the "red terror". So many religious extremists, fascists and other assholes were supported with money and weapons in the war against communism that they have become the dominating forces world wide.

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