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| https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vgVExkZ9GE

this is a perfect fucking symbol for the current state of things.
that many people, especially the kind of people here on danger/u/s, have been very keen on ignoring.

tonight you may think that it's just a building that's crumbling down.

it isn't.
it's way more than that.

welcome to the end.


| let me ask you. WHAT in the EVERLOVING FUCK will it take for YOU to WAKE THE FUCK UP

| i live like 500kms away, should i take a train?

| Why is this on the anime board?

| waiting for the obligatory 'hurr durr just an accident dude your paranoide'

| >>551258
because i'm a fucking retard

| >>551258
should i make a new thread?
mods do't close the thread just make it fukken vanish out of existence

| If we're merciful they'll move tje thread to the right board
Please, our masters
> bows down

| >>551262
eh they prolly won't


| Now back to the topic, I kinda hope it's the end of the world, anything to avoid meetings at my job

| everything changed for notre dame-chan when the fire nation attacked
coming to you this summer on crunchyroll

| >>551264 >>551265 >>551266
go hang yourself

| >>551267 *go commit neck rope

| >>551270
go commit neck rope

| >>551273 this gurl knows how to do it!

| >>551275
...go commit neck rope

| >>551280
git add README.MD
git commit "neck rope"

| Tchaikovsky's overture starts playing as guy faux slowly leaves the scene


| Yo, just a headsup, there's another thread on this. Also welcome to /new/!

| >>551289
my thread was first. thanks for the move!

| Was it Vikings?

| Most likely cause so far was an electrical failure during the renovations. Until more information is out, I would hardly state this as a symptom of larger events, unless you want to talk about the state that the building was in in the firat place.

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This thread is permanently archived