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Russia can shut down the internet now

| https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/11/world/europe/russia-internet-censorship.html

They accepted a bill that gives full control of the Russian government to shut down Russia from the rest of the world whenever the government wants to.

| Last time i saw a article about this it said that it wasn't going to be just Russia, but also Brazil, India, China and South Africa as they are all part of BRICS. Can someone confirm if it will happen for these countries? as a brazilian i am a bit worried about this

| >>550883 last I checked there was no such thing here in Brazil, but our politicians are so crooked that I wouldn't put it past them

| R.I.P. runet

| I fail to see how this hurts anyone but the Russians.

| I think the official BRIC line is that it is to prevent spying from the NSA. I have no reason to believe this isn't true, but of course the side effect here is greater state control and censorship.


| >>550898
Russian internet aka runet was for a very long time the last stronghold of free internet. While estates censorship threatens internet freedom in dictatorships, western democracys killed it by commercialization which led to centralization, monopolyzation and artificial restrictions in the name of capitalist property logic. "Copyright" is nothing but an euphemism for corporate supremacy over customers and employees, which privacy was taken away.
Keyword: Platform capitalism

| >>550959 gurl, you know small guys can also do copyright, right?

| >>550979
Yeah, but small guys can only pay small lawers and have to spend most of their time to keep their small business running. The big shots can own a whole bureau full with the best lawyers and they also can have politicians, courts and journalists on their paylist. In most countries it's called "corruption" in others it's called "lobbyism" and in some it is even commonly accepted in the name of "economical efficiency".

| >>550979
In reality most "normal people" (consumers and employees) give away their copyright by signing the EULAs and employment contracts. Individual competition let people blindly walk straight into their dependence from big company's grace.

| Now that shit is terrifying. Btw Telegram isn't the only one. Anyone who doesn't give the big brother the encryption keys was blocked. Popular Asian messenger Line was among those.
Future's going dystopian. Wish I had enough education and charisma to make it beyond the state.

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