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Julian Assange's Arrest

| Julian Assange got arrested. What do you g/u/rls think about it?


| Additionally, do you think that the Deadman switch will actually go off?

| That's a name I haven't heard in a long time. I thought after he went dark the first time and the official twitter failed to provide proof of life and the wrong PGP key that wikileaks had been co-opted.

| In the photo he looks so debilitated... Poor julian...

| Good thing that we have democracies to protect people.
Oh wait.

| >>549989
Bad thing that we live in a capitalist world, and everything is about competition. So democracies have to compete there with autocracies, and if the autocracies continue their economical and political success, then you can imagine what'll happen to democracy. On the long term, capitalism and democracy are not compatible. Capitalism is the reign of a privileged elite which exploit the poor masses. In a democracy these masses could act against the few profiteers interests.

| >>550201 Capitalism is the reign of fake desire which manipulates everyone. Even elites.
And a real democracy has not been seen yet, maybe it's a shitty system too.

| >>550412 >>550201 the only answer is robotism, let the AI overlords decide what's better for humanity

| >>550423 Haze-Stingray 207X!

| >>549943 Didn't he have his internet acces cut off a few years ago or something? That should have set off the switch if he couldn't access it

| Pretty fucked tbh

| Stop focusing on Schrodinger's Assange. We should consider him dead until proven beyond a shadow of doubt otherwise.

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