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What's with Americans and avocados

| I mean come on! Why are avocados so important that they take priority over other good things that could come from open borders
Avocados are so important that they're a bigger plus than diversity and giving better conditions to thenless fortunate, why the fuck is that?
Why are news so crazy with avocados?

| Source?

| https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/02/politics/trump-close-border-avocado-beer/index.html

| Good thing I grow my own avocado trees...

| i hate avacado.

| Don't get in the way of my fucking guac.

| Its because Avacados are a neutral good. While people often argue about whether or not immigrants should be allowed or not, about possible dangers amd risks, and while many people hold biased fears about these people, avacados are universally neutral. Nobody worries that an avocado is going to sell you family drugs or steal your job. It's a benign thing that many americans are familiar with amd want here.

| I thought the avocado thing is just a meme

| my family used to eat nearly one avocado per person daily. I need them to survive.

| >>549900
Contrary to your belief, you don't neex Avocados to survive since they are other nutrient produce to survive off of.

| The german navy officially fights for bananas:
In the west they always made fun of the east because of their lack of bananas. Because no one wanted to see, that it is neocolonialism which provides such goods for western countries.

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This thread is permanently archived