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Overpopulation is a Myth

| What is generally seen as "overpopulation" is actually a problem of overcrowding, high per capita consumption, and distributiion problems. World population is predicted to begin declining near 2050 at around 10 billion, and most of the actual issues have nothing to do with the overall global number of humans. Reduce overcrowding with improved infrastructure, reduce per capita consumption, and improve distribution of resources to people, and the "overpopulation" problem goes away.

| Yeah, these overpopulation freaks are just bloodthirsty enough to ignore how much land is barely inhabited around the world
They just want an excuse to kill

| The overpopulation myth is cultivated by white supremacist assholes, serving their sick racist agenda.

| >>548462
>reduce per capita consumption
The real solution we need but nobody wants to do :(

btw, it's very rare to see someone in the internet thinking the way you think, maybe there's still hope in this world

>purer porno teen
what kind of captcha is this

| The best kind.
>slog sax dig

| https://youtu.be/QsBT5EQt348

Just gonna leave this here.

| Your dick is a myth

| I do not entirely agree, those solutions are really complex to accomplish. It would be far easier to decrease population growth: Solving the source of the problem instead of its symptoms.
But that seems to be a taboo in politics

| >>548544 no no.
It's not taboo as long as you do it really slowly and with alot of effort so people don't notice right away and when they do you just make those dissenters disappear.

| Truth is that any population control policy will eventually fuck up nation's demographics.
For example people in China tend to abort daughters, coz they have "if it's only child, it better be son" mentality. Resulting in higher tensions among young adults as they trying to find their place in life.

| And that talks about "we need to decrease population" is dangerously close to genocide proposal you know?
If you didn't know, genocide can be done without even killing anyone. Look up scientific definitions of the word.

| >>548547
The problem in China isn't population control, it's the backwarded society that prefers boys over girls.
>genocide can be done without even killing anyone
I call this bullshit. In my language "genocide" is litterally translated into "people murder"
Tell me one historical example of genocide which was done without killing anyone.

| >>548544
The source of the problem is the economical basis. It's requirement of infinite growth doesn't disappear if population is decreasing.
The planet can generate enough ressources for a decent live of multiple times of our current population. It just can't provide enough for some peoples greed. The overpopulation discussion is just a distractor by rich people, and it's noticeable connected to racist theories.

| Drop an atomic bomb on India and sell Chinese people over to aliens. Solved.

| There are also gossips that real earth population is several times less than outspoken bc governments exaggerate count of people living in their countries to look more solid on political scene.
(from different assessments 2.8-4.6 *10^9 ppl actually lives on earth)

| >>548575
And who is going to make our cheap consumer goods from plastic stuff to electronics and lust but not least clothes? Should we do this stuff on our own? How should white people have the time to complain about evil foreigners if they suddenly have to do all the dirty work and shitty jobs by themselves?

| >>548550 "The United Nations Genocide Convention, which was established in 1948, defines genocide as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group""
meaning you can commit genocide without killing anyone. Of course, killing people is probably much more effective though.

| >>548603 that's part of the problem I could be an automation engineer for a local factory, but why waste money on a local factory, an engineer and machines when hiring a Chinese factory powered by slaves is so much cheaper?
Without those Chinese slave drivers maybe there wouldn't be as many shitty jobs anymore

| >>548606
Then please explain how does one intentionally "destroy in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group" without killing its members? You had to sterilize a whole population and isolate them from the rest of mankind so that they can't pass their cultural aspects to others.
Also we're still waiting for an historical example.

| Conservatives: "Brown people are destroying our society because they breed like rats."

Also Conservatives: "Trannies and Faggots are extincting ours species"

| >>b49fbe national and religious are easy, get rid of the nation/religion and the group is no more
So technically exposing a scam religion and forcing them to stop is a kind of genocide, lol.

| >>548699
"progressives" racism is bad
Also "progressives" interracial relationships are bad
Also "progressives" white people are evil

| >>548702 what progressive says interracial relationships are bad?

| >>548704 I think the quotation marks are key here.

| >>548699 It's moments like this where refusal to take a generic political nickname, A.K.A. side, is useful to avoid being hit by general and unfocused commentary. Perhaps you could name some particular figures/things you dislike?

In case I didn't enunciate it, I generally don't think people can be neatly sorted like laundry into a political basket where we can put them through an opinionated spin cycle and forget the real dirty laundry hanging around. Not anyone's fault though.

| >>548701
Bullshit. The group physically still exists. They just lost or changed their nation/religion. Please stop trying to trivialize genocide by quibbling about its definition. Everyone knows what "genocide" means. It's not about destroying ideas, it's about physically destroying people and this is why it is a crime. In the end imagined things like nations and religions are less important than physical reality.

Still waiting for a historical example of your "peaceful genocide".

| >>548702
>"progressives" racism is bad
isn't it?
>Also "progressives" interracial relationships are bad
Never heard that from "progressives"
>Also "progressives" white people are evil
This interpretation can only come from someone who isn't able to get rid of racist thinking patterns. It's not "white people are evil", it is "white supremacy is evil". Please use your brain to get the difference.

| >>548469
lol go take a hike in somalia if you love africa so much
in the meantime, long live civilization (largely built by white people ;)
it's mostly a taboo because it's "racist". you're not gonna hear about overpopulation in white countries, actually that demographic is decreasing.
but no, let the other races push out ten kids per litter.
you're not a racist, right?
and you'll never hear this guy talk about 'white genocide'. it's a raycest conspiracy i'm sure

| >>548550
the chinese are rooting out tibetans using mass tourism and immigration. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinicization_of_Tibet
you can't deny that this tactic fucking works. it's just racist to compare this to immigration in Europe for (((some reason))).
you'll end up bleeding the Earth dry with this retarded mentality.
glad you asked! let's talk about race mixing! no?
yes, where's the contradiction?
question, since when is it 'good'?

| >>549002 I'm not trying to trivialize it, if anything, the UN is trying to trivialize genocide with their definition of it

| >>548751
you make sense, but it's almost as if you felt concerned... never be a hypocrite, yeah?
check out that tibet thing then crawl back to me. but that's not even the best example. i need to look up a few things about South africa. and Australia. hmm

| >>54900
your argument is also invalid because there's no need for an example. you can root out a people without firing a single bullet, that's a fucking fact.
but just because i fucking hate you, here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cultural_genocide#Examples_of_the_term's_usage
read up fucker

| >>54900
now to your miserable credit, a lot of examples in this list aren't even examples, you're asking for nonviolent proven cases and some are violent or nonproven. but it doesn't take a fucking genius to know that if a certain thing sets apart two groups of humans, if that thing can be created then it can be destroyed. or what? it's indestructible? it's not adamantium, wake up you doublenigger. you can destroy everything in a human's personality. even the genes. the heritage.

| >>54900
i'm also gonna add this for good taste. https://www.nytimes.com/2010/07/25/world/asia/25tibet.html "china's money and MIGRANTS pour into Tibet"... notice the disgusting double standard, when will the 'new' york times ever complain about immigration in Europa making it less European? no. that'd be raycus.


now if you'll excuse me, i'll be in my pool of vitriol over there.

| >>549002 good to know, then I can argue that regardless of definition everyone knows "gender" actually means sex and you can't change your sex on a whim

| >>549138
please stop.
this poor person can only get so assblasted.

| >>549138
Gender and sex are two different things, which doesn't mean they are somehow related. It is a scientific distinction that is proven empirically several times.
Your UN definition of genocide is a political one, and as we know political definitions are always vague. But looking at the scientificical, empirical research about genocide it is always about opressing, forcefully moving and last but not least mass murdering people.

| >>549270
>which doesn't mean they are somehow related.

| >>549137
You are right that there are double standards and massive lacks of neutrality in western "liberal" media regarding certain countries, namely China, Russia, Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and even Northkorea. While there is no doubt their governments are autocratic and do questionable, inhumane things, our western (neo-)liberal/(neo-)conservative and lately more often also (neo-)nazist governments benefit from it and drift in this direction themselves.

| >>549127
Cases like Somalia just show us how politics in the name of capitalism lead to humanitarian catastrophes. But only a few see it that way, because of decades of successful nationalist and racist propaganda.
The whole refugee crisis and radical islamism are mostly the late consequences of western colonialism and cold war interventionism. This kind of politics made the west ruling over the world long time and finally defeating the first socialist experiment.

| But now in our post-cold war order, also thanks to globalization and ongoing automatization, class differences become more visible again even in the west. Mass poverty in Europe and the USA increases while a few rich people get richer and richer. But mostly small and politically stigmatized groups see the capitalist system as a cause. While liberals and conservatives resist to see problems rising dramatically at all, far-right movements have re-created their false explainations.

| You people need to chill out, one person can't save the world and signaling your virtuous noble goals will make more enemies than friends
We need friends and fun, we need to chill and change the world by example not by pretty words, unless the words are chill out because it seems to be a lost art

| >>549285
>You people need to chill out
Don't patronize people.
>one person can't save the world
It depends pretty much on the persons economical power and his consciousness about it. The upper class have individually much economical power and much consciousness about it. But they don't give a damn about the lower classes destiny. The lower classes haven't much economical power as individuals but as a class. But they haven't much consciousness about it and rather fight each other.

| >>549285
>signaling your virtuous noble goals will make more enemies than friends
So, I should shut up about problems just to become friends with people who don't see them? How is that going to solve anything?
>we need to chill and change the world by example not by pretty words
Yes, nobody likes hypocrites and liars, but still they can become pretty popular.
And since when do pretty words and good example necessarily exclude each other? Why not speak good and do good?

| >>3894a4 see? You have no chill, you see anyone with a different world view as wrong, perhaps even inferior
That's not how it works, we're all brothers and sisters in spirit we need more love and less squabbling

| It's a trend that simple minded and self-righteous people put much effort in their search for hypocrisy and lies behind every thing that appears "good" to them, just to legitimate their own hypocrisy and lies.

| >>549295 so, just like you're doing right now?

| >>549294
>That's not how it works
It is how it currently works. I wish it would be different, and I'm sure at some point it'll be. But until then we have to work with what we have.
>we're all brothers and sisters in spirit. we need more love...
I give a damn about what we are "in spirit". What matters is that people become brothers and sisters in reality, not only "in spirit".
>...and less squabbling
Funny, because this is exactly what I thought of your "spirit" and "love" stuff.

| >>549298
At which point did I accuse someone falsely for self-righteousness and hypocrisy? Nationalist, Racist, religious fundamentalist world views are not just some "opinions". They are the conceptual manifestation of exactly that self-righteousness and hypocrisy.

Also do you want to say I am a simple minded, self-righteous and hypocritical liar? Please explain how you come to this judgement.

| >>3894a4 look, I understand that you believe that you are an intellectual above all simple minded fools a d thw your opinion is the only correct opinion in the universebut the way you go about it is only going to make more enemies not convince others to join your cause you need to at least ACT more comprehensive and friendly otherwise people may oppose you just put of spite
It's cool that you want to change the world and make it a better place but you need more allies

| >>549301
>look, I understand that you believe that you are an intellectual above all simple minded fools
Yes, I believe that I'm intellectual, but I'm far away of being above the "simple minded fools". In fact they are above me and easily trampling down everything I say and do. I sometimes even envy them for their stupidity and wish I would be that way too, so that I could also just enjoy doing bad things to others without feeling responsible for anything.

| >>549302 stop being so self righteous, no one is trampling you for everything you say or do, you show up and act as if you're the only right person ever and you want others to just agree, that's not how it works
Different ideas are a beautiful thing and right now you complain how everyone's trampling what you say or do while trying to trample over what I say. What makes your opinions more important than mine to justify you doing what don't want others to do to you?

| >thw your opinion is the only correct opinion in the universebut
I never claimed that. But there is many evidence that "my" opinions (I did not invent them and there is no copyright on them, they are free to share and they actually are shared by many people) are much closer to truth than religious fundamentalism, nationalism and racism (which are completely made up things)

| >>549304
>Different ideas are a beautiful thing
Yes, but some of those ideas are absurd and still popular. For example racism. Scientifically and practically it doesn't make any sense to distinguish between human races.
Should I accept racism now as equal opinion just not get more enemies?

| >>549304
>no one is trampling you for everything you say or do
How do you know? In most countries I would go into jail for my opinions, and if things go on as they did the last years it'll be the same where I live right now in the "liberal" west. Far-right movements are still on the rise, and they become more and more radical. I know history very well, and there is some deja-vu right now.

| >>549275
africa is a shithole because of africans. they basically didn't invent anything and would be nothing without white capitalism, which you love to hate (while it basically built civilization along with the device you're typing your greasy soja rage on, again)
it's also funny to see you blame everything on capitalism including daech killing a fuckload of people BECAUSE OF ISLAM...
most poor people deserve to be poor because they don't have the valor to rise above...

| >>549309
>africa is a shithole because of africans. They basically didn't invent anything and would be nothing without white capitalism
This is historically wrong
>capitalism, which you love to hate (while it basically built civilization along with the device you're typing your greasy soja rage on, again)
I don't know where your hardware comes from, but mine was built in the peoples republic of china, which is officially ruled by a communist party. Many resources in it are african.

| >>549290
>don't patronize people
you need to stop being a moralfag.
>should i shut up about problems
well perhaps you should fucking do something about it moralboy, or else yeah, stay quiet. don't complain when you're not helping.
how about race realism? as in, name a shithole ruled a white person. with a majority of right-wing white voters. go.
he's a commie, he thinks he knows what's best

blah blah blah. you're all squeaking and it's annoying.

| >>549308 in what distorted reality are you living in? Maybe this site is a portal to alternate versions of earth because in my earth the opposite is happening, the far left is taking over and you can go to jail for making a bad joke or misgendering someone, censorship is rampant and any opinion that may offend someone on the left is considered hate speech

| >>549273
examples? also, are you comparing the west with china? are you insane?

| >>549308
>le history major
let me guess, gender studies?

| >it's also funny to see you blame everything on capitalism including daech killing a fuckload of people BECAUSE OF ISLAM...
I just wonder where the taliban and daesh were during cold war. Wasn't it western interventionism, mostly initiated by conservative reactionists, that supported islamists to fight potentially pro-soviet movements in the near and middle east?
Wasn't it western imperialism which supported islamist groups to serve them in their imperialist struggles?

| >>549314
No, an electronic engineer that advanced to informatics. I don't think much of most people that do "gender studies". Not because of the subject itself, but because of the necessity.

| >>549316
are you saying conservative reactionists were beheading children in iraq?

| >>549316
let's talk about the communist death count, shall we?
how many millions?
you should have gone to gender studies, you're already a socialist

| >>549312
>the far left is taking over
When and where?

| >>549312
>you can go to jail for making a bad joke or misgendering someone
when and where?

| >>549324
remember count dankula?
also found this http://www.iheartradio.ca/cjad/news/montrealer-s-bad-joke-lands-him-in-jail-1.2601712 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-46204954 https://spectator.us/misgendering-child-british-journalist/ https://www.dailysignal.com/2019/03/19/police-question-uk-journalist-for-misgendering-a-transgender-woman/ https://californiafamily.org/2018/good-news-law-penalizing-misgendering-with-hefty-fine-and-or-jail-time-being-legally-challenged/

| >>549312
>censorship is rampant
when and where?
>and any opinion that may offend someone on the left is considered hate speech
Which doesn't automatically mean it wasn't. But did it had any consequences except making the far right stronger?

Is in your world Bernie Sanders US president or Donald Trump?
Is in your world Russia still communist?
Is in your world Brazil a socialist regime?
Are in your world secret services, military and policy leftists?
Tell us more about it!

| >>549326
i didn't bother reading any of that shit tbh, but it's in there
everybody remembers count dankula ofc.
but this is it, this is wrongthink. thought crime.
enforced by lefties.
it's real

| >>549327
the left is distorting the definition of hate speech. it is, effectively, becoming "anything i don't like is censored" which does equate to censorship. every single opinion should be free of censorship anywhere. removing offending opinions is the definition of censorship.
article 11 can also be used against small-time reactionary press outlets as a censorship weapons in favor of more leftist globalist bigger outlets.

| >>549326
>remember count dankula?
Tell us, in which jail was/is he?

Do you really need another world war with holocaust to remember why some "jokes" are problematic?

| >>549327
i also found this lol https://quillette.com/2019/02/12/it-isnt-your-imagination-twitter-treats-conservatives-more-harshly-than-liberals/

it's funny how you utterly ignore that (((facebook, twitter and google))) have been 100% censoring conservative opinions

| https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2017/09/19/goog-s19.html
he did get in trouble because it's wrongthink (as a fucking joke). nice how you picked out one example because you couldn't contradict the others.
also, you just defended censorship. against jokes. comedic value? black humor? no? lefties don't have humor. they just want to censor.

| >>549330
>the left is distorting the definition of hate speech.
But how it comes I hear tones from the right these days that were unthinkable ten years ago? Could it be, that it is the other way around, and the right distorted the definition of hate speech?
>"anything i don't like is censored" which does equate to censorship
And who's the censor? The left Trump dictatorship? The left capitalist media and internet companies?
Again: In which world do you live?

| >>549331
yeah he didn't go to jail but he was fined. so he was basically sentenced for a joke, same thing. 800£.
we fought the nazis to get freedom btw

| >>549335
1. no.
2. dude just read my fucking posts, i know you really like to ignore them but wtf.
facebook, google, twitter. all major social sites.
also most universities.

| >>549337
even the fucking authorities in some instances.

| >>549332
At first:

Several studies showed that liberals are more intelligent and economical successful than conservatives. But politically both are neither only left or right. They are all along economical (neo-)liberals, which is politically right (economical social darwinism). They only disagree on superficially aspects of society.

| >>549339
show me the studies.
also how is this shit supposed to reply to me?

| >>549337
In reality, empirically, facebook, google and twitter were very important platforms for right and far-right propaganda that lead to the latest political success of the right. Just read a bit about cambridge analytica, robert mercer, etc.
The "left dominance" on capitalist internet platforms is just a right propaganda myth, not reality.

| >>549339
and if you want to talk about political dynamics...
stay weak lol

| https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/07/are-socialists-physically-weak/533787/ interesting read

| perhaps weaklings don't like right-wing capitalism because it fucks them over. serious kek.

| >>549340
A "liberal dominance" at twitter, facebook, google and universities is not a "left dominance" at all. Most liberals are not left, when it comes to economy.
That liberals dominate such plattforms and universities over conservatives is because conservatives usually have a closed world view, while liberals are more open, especially to new things. This is why liberalism is connected to economical success and attracts more intelligent people than conservatism.

| >>549345
and yet they censor right-wing conservatives.
also are you fucking serious "liberals are more open"? you must have stuck your head up your ass while looking for your shitty ideas. "liberals" today are sooo tolerant that they will censor any opinion they don't like and sack any person going against them. take a fucking look at the media if you please.

i'm now tired of this clown. i'll let you do your clowning in peace. don't forget google.com, it will answer most of your idiotic questions. i'm really obliged to tell you this because apparently you didn't know.

| >>549344
I agree with you on that.
In fact it's the masses that are individually economically weak, while only a few are individually economically strong. The problem is that competition is not fair at all, and wealth becomes once more again very independent from individual performance.

But the masses can turn the fact that they are the masses in strength by gaining consciousness about it. And I think this is pretty much legitime.

| >>549347
>and yet they censor right-wing conservatives.
Was it really only "right-wing conservatives" or pretty close to far-right extremism?
>you must have stuck your head up your ass while looking for your shitty ideas
No, it is you who stucks his head. You will probably still complain about evil "leftist liberals" when the first concentration camps open and put them there. Isn't it enough to you that far-right scum is over-represented in legislative, executive and judicative?

| >>6caf9f
Is being really annoying and basically stirring the pot. Just sayin'.

| >>549348
For someone who pretends beeing critical about google.com you put much trust in it. How it comes? One could also find flat-earther videos in google if he searches for. What does it prove? Nothing.

| >>549348
I'll give you some more valuable research hints:

| >>549363
And yes, wikipedia also has it issues, but it is still better (more transparent, more decentral organized, etc.) than a profit oriented company like google.

| >>549348
Yes, go to your right-winged bubble, were you feel warm and save, getting applause for saying dumb stuff by people that are more stupid than you.
Since I have a free day today I will also go out, but I'll search for people that are mentally poisoned by your kind and cure them, which is annoying but necessary.

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