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Congressional House approves bill to end yemen involvement.

| Sanders introduced bill to end the US involvement in the saudi's war in Yemen. It has already passed the senate and is now up to Trump if he keeps the anti-war promise he campaigned on or kowtow again to the Wahhabi state.

| Lets hope for peace. Or at least getting our nose out of there.

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I think your nose needs one more time to be punched very hard, so that you stop putting it in everywhere in the first place.

| >>548470 Problem with that is getting your nose smashed makes you want to swing back.

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I dont want to sniff on ur business but u speaking nose-sense.

| >>548618 All this nose punching reminds me if sharks. On that tangent, sharks generally don't bite harder when you punch them in the nose :p

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sharks aren't people.

| >>548753
Well the truth is that if u touch them to the nose they most likely think u are edible. The best way to get them away from u is by stabing them with something to the face eyes or gills and generally avoiding mouth.

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the real problem here is the size of the nose.

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Are you a shark racist?

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Well i can identify shark racism as a real problem.

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Have you taken a look at financial and housing market? I can assure you, there are people that are more dangerous to people than all sharkoids on the planet, even if they fly to you with a tornado.

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Speaking of tornados: It's the name of european combat jets, that are along with the "eurofighter" developed by european nato members like germany, italy and great britain. Trump just demands those countries to increase their engagement for the NATO, without questioning the purpose of this alliance. Trump and his followers say they are concerned about islamists, but in the end they are not only brothers in mind (contra womens equality, homosexuality, etc.) but even allies.

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You may ask yourself "what is this all about"? Well, it just came out that those armory goods by nato members are used in the yemen war. I just wonder why? Are the Saudis and UAE defending western values? Could it be that those values are in the end nothing but oil and dollars? Could it be that this hypocrisy is the cause so many people hate the west, including more and more westerners themselves (which unfortunately leads to even more dumb behaviour)?

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Don't forget how those weapons the US gives the sauds also winds up in a group of the same sect of Islam as Saudi Arabia. Little group known as ISIS.

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