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Turkish elections

| https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2019/03/31/turkish-elections-turks-begin-voting-in-local-polls.html

It seems like the center left party in Turkey is winning in the big cities. Erdogan may be forced to get Turkey working as it did before.

| Who gives a fuck?

| >>547391 for starters, turkish people do...
USA is not the only country in the world
I find interesting to see news from many different places

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is british, lmao.

| >>547423 Wait. How do you know?

| >>547397 The elections are also relevant for any countries near Turkey. Turkey's economical and military situation affects everyone. An aggressive conservative Turkey threatens the peace of everyone else.

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Doesn't matter: Teabags and Yankees are all the same angle-saxon trash. ;)

| Good.

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Well, I wouldn't say the CHP is a "center left party". They are pretty nationalistic. The central conflict between them and erdogan is the question which role relgion should play in politics. Erdogans party is islamic-nationalistic, the CHP is secularist-nationalistic (keyword "Kemalism").
If it was up to me I would give all power to the kurds in the whole region (including syria and iraq) They have the most progressive movements there.

| >>547473 "angle-saxon".

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