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Who was more crazy?

| Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Bill O'Reilly, or Rachel Maddow?

| alex, fam

| >>3a0d3e Thank you :3

| Probably Alex Jones, but I feel, he's half playing it up for idiots who believe his shit. Not to mention the whole pornhub scandal, that bitch is fake as fuck.

| the real question is who made the best meme material

| >>544312
Isn't Alex Jones not just another puppet of the Robert Mercer Propaganda machinery?

| Me..

| >>547182

Who isn't a propaganda puppet?

| >>547424
This is not the question. The question is, who benefits from which kind of propaganda.
Alex Jones job is only to divide people and give them cheap scapegoats and fastfood identities as opium. Plus discrediting oppositional views, especially regarding foreign-, social- and economy-politics.

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This thread is permanently archived