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4 years war in jemen - 4 years of silence in western media

| https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saudi_Arabian%E2%80%93led_intervention_in_Yemen

| You mean Yemen, right?

| Probably meant Gemen, or Iemen.

| In some languages it is jemen

| Lemen? Remen? Memen? Wemen? Pemen? Bemen? Kemen?

| Ye, men.

| It's interesting no one has an opinion on this topic. There is a lot of controversy, debates and emotional energy when it is about refugees. But no one cares about the causes. They are just ignored.
People just don't realize that every cheap plastic toy they order, every drop of oil in their logistic infrastructure and their own cars, is a factor that create more conflicts, ergo more refugees. More people want "their nation first", but at the same time they spit on others.

| US congress voted to end its involvement.
too bad Trump is a Saudi bitch boy and won't do it.
Shouldn't even need him for it

| Muslima fighting muslims = nobody cares
The way it should be.

| >>543977
I can assure you most people in "muslim countries" are only muslims on the paper. These countries have repressive regimes that are not only accepted but also supported by western countries. And why? Because they have to deliver "our" oil. If they were democracies, "our" oil would be more expensive. Economists call this "the curse of natural resources".

| News on that from Europe:
The german goverment is just about to dump the weapon embargo to saudi arabia, which was only temporarly introduced because of the assasination of the civil right activist Jamal Khashoggi.
German arm companies and other European countries, like france, put pressure on germany, since the german arm export ban affect their own armory industry negatively.

| src:

| I personally am inclined to favor the Houthis just because of all the players they seem the least beholden to foreign powers & it'd be refreshing to see people fighting for themselves triumph over foreign puppets.

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This thread is permanently archived