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Thought crime.

| I've been thinking too much about Orwell's book, how some of its pieces falls into place in a puzzle of today's government.

I know too many people mention this shit but are we headed towards eventual totalitarianism with the capabilities that governments like the UK, China and Russia have?

| Not really imo? If anything, speech is now freer than ever (except maybe in China and Russia, yeah).

At least I don't think it's the governments we should be worried about. Google and Facebook and Amazon and for-profit mindset are WAY scarier.

| >>a0a026
What about UK politics? They give words a disgusting amount of power and are rapidly censoring more and more. I hope people would get upset before it's too late but comfort/pleasure prevents this easily. I agree speech is freer than ever though. I just see people getting more and more comfortable with that changing I guess..

| OP here, I agree with >>542217 but there is still some censorship outside of the examples that you and>>542315 haven't mentioned since some people take it to extreme measures.

I find it mildly annoying when governments try to spy on citizens if there is no good cause for it, this was why I decided to finish my studies in the UK until further notice. My new country isn't great, but at least there is some form of freedom that the Tories want to heavily restrict because everything..

| ..is apparently far right hate speech even though that law follows the same level of vagueness as the hate crime laws.

| The "hate speech "laws have to be clear on why the exist, since they can be abused and have been in the past, because they follow the general rule of "if you feel offended, we'll just throw the fucker away in prison."

You can't have a law that is just so awfully vague.

| >>542342 im offended imma tell the police on u

| >>542352 hecking nagger

| >>542216
Read Huxley's "brave new world". It matches the western model much more. The DPRK and Iran come closest to Orwell. 1984 aimed on stalinism. China, Russia, Vietnam, Turkey, Egypt and several arab monarchies have elements of both dystopias. The "free western world" is still clearly closer to "brave new world", but yes: the resurrection of the far-right comes with some Orwell potential.

| >>542390 will take a look later,

| Well Germany's going downhill for sure in this case, with all that strictly anti-nationalist shit

| +1 for Brave New World. It does fit Western society way more.

| Farenheit 451 is also fairly relevant. Minority pressure and all that. Also in that its not just the governmnet actingnon its own in this, but reacting to vocal minorities in reactionary ways, and public stupidity and violence.

| >>9ce4cf I think we're at a turning point, since the old mainstream parties begin to lose a serious amount of popularity.

Hopefully we don't head down the wrong (read: "der/die linke") path

| >>542909
you want us to march... where?

| People are getting more and more discontent with this situation soon it'll blow out of proportion and free speech will be great again
Or so I hope

| OP here again, looks like we're headed for more censorship, seeing as Article 13 and 11 passed, somehow 13 got renamed to 17, idfk why.

| >>542968
Misdirection tactic?

| >>542504
Germanys policy is pretty much nationalistic. The thing is that it isn't portrayed that way, because the majority doesn't want nationalistic politics. They are just too dumb and fell easily for symbol politics. And they don't want to change anything because things go pretty well as they are for most people.

| >>542909
>I think we're at a turning point, since the old mainstream parties begin to lose a serious amount of popularity.

>Hopefully we don't head down the wrong (read: "der/die linke") path
"die linke" is the only non-mainstream party opposing the rest. Unfortunately the mainstream parties ignored and excluded them for the most time. And now they have to deal with wacky neo-nazists that managed to make some dumb people believe they are (literally) an "alternative".

| >>543050 sounds a lot like it, the people who voted for it were probably the equivalent of a grandma starting up a new computer for the first time.

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