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49 people killed inside a mosque in new zealand


| Source please.

| So what?

| That's tragic, sad and actually real but please provide your source when posting news, this time I'll give you a hand and post a source for ya(but I'll pick fox news on purpose because many people hate them)


| Perp live-streamed it while memeing the entire time. I don't think there will ever be clearer proof that ironic racism was/is a mistake.

| >>537120 that's not proof, that's one case and who knows how unstable the perp's mind was? You can't judge what's good for everyone based on the actions of the few

I don't like making racist jokes and I rarely find them funny but saying that they are at fault for this violence is as dumb as saying violent videogames are causing people to get violent

| >>537102
You pick a source on purpose because you think many people "hate" them. Ok.
But maybe people don't "hate" fox-news. They just see it as the biased and low quality news source it is. This has nothing to do with hate, it's just a diagnosis that can be validated easily with arguments.
The funny thing is: Right-wingers complain permanently about a thin-skinned left. At the same time they classify any criticism on them as "hate".

| >>537143 I picked it because they have lower credibility as a way of saying that the OP should be the one to provide the source if they want one that's more reliable

I don't care anymore about this left vs right shit, it's just two groups of idiots lookin for someone to blame as the root cause of everything instead of actually trying to solve any problems, I just hope OP gets the message and posts their own source next time

| >>537145
>I don't care anymore about this left vs right shit
Congratulations, the establishment broke you
>it's just two groups of idiots lookin for someone to blame as the root cause of everything
Rightists blame muslims/jews/non-believers/immigrants/foreigners.
Leftists "blame" the rich people (which justify their richness with the burden of power and big responsibility).

| >>537145
>instead of actually trying to solve any problems
Rightists are all over the world in power trying to "solve" the problems by closing borders, building walls, war preparation, mass surveillance, mass agitation and propaganda, etc. But somehow the problems get worse...
Leftists are almost nowhere in power, and if the come they have to struggle with economical and social issues caused or at least encouraged by previous or external rightist regimes.

| So please don't try making people believe that old establishment lie:
"Right & Left: they are all the same, vote for us, we are the moderate center. We know the one and only ying-yang-balanced centre truth, we did everything well and yet we are not responsible for anything, especially not for problems."
Because it is NOT the same if one group criticises this establishment while the other group proclaims xenophobe/chauvinist conspiracy theories, while belonging to the establishment.

| Whatever can we actually get back on topic? Like, there's 49 dead people because of a social network maniac with guns and we're discussing politics instead

| >>537163
Well, I've read that this "social network maniac" had very clear political motives:

| >>537166 now the political discussion is part of the topic, no one had brought this up on this thread before

| How come the shooter didn't end himself?

| >>537169 dunno, maybe he thought he could get away with it?

| https://i.4cdn.org/gif/1552670665749.webm 4chan laughing its ass off

| >>537184 call me a sjw but this shit is just fucking sick. how disconnected from reality and starved of normal human connection do you have to be to find this funny?

| >>537225
i guess you gotta be just like me since i think the memes are fly

human empathy modules status critical failure drives B1 through F6

| >>537273
They call that psychopathy.

| >>537294
really? do you know what psychopathy is? how could you diagnose me?

| >>537225 >>537225 I don't even know any of those people, why should I feel anything? And I can't put myself in their place since I almost never leave my haven.

| >>537296
i think i can relate duder, i feel like human lives don't really matter that much in the end
they're all in the astral plane now, whether they've taken predeath form or realized their true self is up to their woke-level
so yeah
it's not a tragedy

death isn't actually that bad, it's just got a bad rep and everyone's bawling their eyes out like retards over it. i know i'll be laughing my ass off over anyone who cries for me after i die

| Hey, have you ever heard of the KKK before? They used to do stuff like this on a monthly basis at some point.
People need to stop following the media's hysteria. All they want is views for money. And this guy has exactly what he wanted, fame and recognition, and you're giving it to him.

| >>537295
Look around online for a test called MMPI-2, it's as good an assessment tool as you can take & score yourself. It has an index for psychopathic deviation.


| >>537349
if i can find it.

| >>537172 maybe he just thought the policemen would congratulate him on being so based and redpilled then suck him off for being such an asset to the white race because he killed some randos.

| >>537396
nah he did it because he felt like it

| >>537397
I don't think "felt like it" is right since he was readying up for two years.

| >>537397
I don't think "felt like it" is right since he was readying up for two years.

| >>537296
>I almost never leave my haven.
that's exactly what i mean by "starved of human connection"

| There's a lot more disconnected people than you think. As horrible as this is, the way he went about with such memery is so surreal that it just becomes hilarious. I also find it funny that this attack was was sent 'thoughts and prayers' just like any other muslim attack, despite what white supremacists say.

| false flag. this all too perfect to be true

| I read his manifesto and even in context of what he was trying to do it didn't make sense. He envisioned a race war and Europeans rising up and genociding minorities to restore their race, but everyone knows race wars never really start (at least in America) on a large scale. He mentioned that birth rates were the problem, but how does shooting up a mosque fix anything?

| >>537053

> um, i need a sauce for that general and easily verifiable piece of information

Literally just fucking read the articles that show up in your favorite search engine, brainlets. He's not copy-and-pasting word-for-word some article that he read online and not sourcing it. He's just providing a summary of what various journalism outlets are already saying.

| >>537469 imma refer you to the pinned thread. Read the first post in it. You don't even need to copy paste the article. Put in the minimal effort and link to whatever shows up in your search result. itz da law

| http://i.4cdn.org/pol/1552683827886.jpg

| >>537330 as this person said,

He wanted attention and did shit that the media got their panties in a twist over, doing the OK hand sign, saying "subscribe to pewdiepie" before the incident etc.

He just wanted to bring as many people down with him and the media seems to be falling for it because they don't do their research.

PDP said on Twitter that he feels shamed that his name was uttered by the shooters yet some people still have an anti-PDP agenda.

| Literally do 5 seconds of research and it's pretty obvious that the media are doing what he wanted.

That's all I'm gonna say, he doesn't deserve attention and that's that.

| It's not just the media. Some people also jump at the chance to attack others based on what this shooter did. And they know it's just a ruse, but they don't care.

| This would not have happened if the shooter had a wife and children.

| >>537714 Depends if they're psychotic enough.

| And nothing of value was lost

| >>537435 Oh fuck off. Like I need other people to stay sane.

| >>537762 agreed, lately I feel like having people around will actually do the opposite of keeping me sane

| >>537448
Have you any evidence or proff? Because false flag operations are very characteristic for right-winged politics. The list of "left terrorism" which in fact was done by right-wingers in disguise is much longer. That's a fact.

| >>537714
This would not have happened if certain people wouldn't proclaim that having a wife and children is the highest goal one can reach. Also there are massive intersections between those people and those who share the terrorists ideology.

| >>537801 Do you have any evidence or proof for that outrageous claim of yours? Post it here.

| >>537714 people like chris watts exist so what's your point? psychos are psychos, having a family doesn't change that

| >>537911
Here u go:

Before crying: You are free to check the sources and improve the articles. If you ask friendly and if I'm in a good mood, then I'll sort all the operations and incidents and order them by political alignment for u.


My fav:

| >wikipedia

| >wikipedia

| I can see this entire shooting is supposed to be a freaking meme to the internet

>Plays "Gas Gas Gas" while escaping
>Ironically says that Fortnite and Spyro inspired him
Worst of all is that in my country (Brazil) THEY FELL FOR THE BAIT and now the media is shitting on Fortnite and Spyro.
>Does the OK hand in order to piss liberals off

| >>538030 The ok hand is now apparently a white power symbol. LOLE.

| >>538030 The amount of memes this guy is showing off like a sperg reminds me of something a 13 year old would do after discovering the internet

| >>538025
Different than in your Rupert Murdoch and Robert Mercer propaganda bubbles, you are free to
>check the sources and improve the articles.

| >>538030
>Worst of all is that in my country (Brazil) THEY FELL FOR THE BAIT and now the media is shitting on Fortnite and Spyro.
I'll explain that for you:
For the current government in Brazil it is much easier to blame Fortnite and Spyro than discussing the ideological background of the terrorist - because they have much in common with it.

| >>538269 suuuure because the ideology is at fault, definitely not the person who committed the crime
Oh wait now I remember, the left forgot humans are individuals everyone is just part of a fucking group and there is no concept of self just the idea of group and what a part of the group does is a reason to put the whole group at scrutiny because there is no self, there is no individual

| >>538279 You sound like you're in a political cartoon strip. None of that was cohesive

| >>537801
True, Right Wingers are a lot more sneaky about their actions,
unlike antifa, a giant mob of assholes with identity issues calling that even slightly disagrees with them "nazi' "sexist" "misogynist", without even knowing them, then REEEE when people outside of their clicke don't take them seriously.
extremists from both sides are the scum of the earth, but the right get shit done, while the left practice mod psychology due to identity issues.

| And in regards to the "How can you laugh about this" "question". Laughter is a coping mechanism. Suffering is happening constantly, all over the glove, and you know it. You push that though to the side however and act sad when the suffering surfaces.

The 'memers' just make fun of the suffering in order to cope with it(although people making fun of it out of pure sadism do exist), because they do not ignore the constant suffering of other.
>Think about that before acting high and mighty for being oh so sad that a thing happened.

| >>538279
>suuuure because the ideology is at fault, definitely not the person who committed the crime.
Who said that these things exclude each other? It's obvious that both are at fault: The guy who did the murderous terror attack and those who share and proclaim his ideology.

| >>538328
>unlike antifa, a giant mob of assholes with identity issues
1/2 "The antifa" doesn't exist as group or organization. The word antifa originally means "antifascist action". Antifas are done by independent, decentral and unorganized groups which are mostly anarchists, sometimes socialists/communists and rarely liberals. When it goes beyond fighting fascism they oppose and fight each other.

| >>538328
>unlike antifa, a giant mob of assholes with identity issues
2/2 The "identity" issues are clearly a thing from the political right. People that are economical successful on other peoples backs create artificial identities to scapegoat ethnical and religious groups (mostly minorities), political opposition to the system (mostly socialists and communists but also liberals) and foreign countries.
The political rights fastfood-identies exist only as opium and to scapegoat.

| >>538343 tf are you smoking? Because I sure want to avoid getting high on it

| >>537951 Those links are neither evidence nor proof of your claim. Those are anecdotal evidence at best. If you're gonna call fact checking into place then at least subscribe to the scientific model yourself before attempting to correct others.

| >>538335
When antifa mobs include college professors assaulting people with bike locks, it's more than unorganized.

| >>538506
The links may not be a scientifical correct proof, and it's not my job to provide this. But they give a fucking evidence. At least much more than >>537448
Hopefully more people will realize how massive the hypocrisy of the right is, because it becomes more and more obvious that they do even much worse than what they "criticize" on their imagined enemies. Dear fascist/nazis: please post more comments that try hard to trivialize or even randomly blame others for this crime.

| >>538715
Please a source or more information: where did it happen, when did it happen, who were the culprits, who the victims?

As already said "antifa" is no organization nor a specific group. Antifas are different actions against fascists done by independent and heterogeneous groups, that even may have different ideas of who are fascists and who aren't (Israel). Most of them don't appear as a mob and decline violence.
This makes them very vulnerable to argents provocateurs btw.

| >>538715
And now give me a reliable number how many people were killed in antifas in the last 50 years.
Then I'll provide you a number how many people were killed by far-right and reactionist attacks, broken down by political/ideological background, place and time and number of victims.

| >>538752 To be fair antifa is quite young, is it not? The concept has existed for a while, and while it's in no way an organization, the banner to which people flock under has only been popularized quite recently. Also, even if they haven't killed, they probably ruin people's lives nevertheless. While not antifa's work, looking at Count Dankula and the injustice he's faced really makes me wary.

| >>538807
The first antifas started when fascists were gaining power, especially during the 1930s in germany, italy and spain.
>and while it's in no way an organization, the banner to which people flock under has only been popularized quite recently.
Maybe it has something to do that fascists are gaining power again?
>While not antifa's work,
then why bringing it up?
>looking at Count Dankula and the injustice he's faced really makes me wary.
So you're a "SJW"?

| >Also, even if they haven't killed, they probably ruin people's lives nevertheless.
Can you name some examples of this lives that were ruined by antifas?
Because I don't know any.

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