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UK delays Brexit

| The UK is a meme.


| >have people vote for something
>xd your vote doesnt count

Democracy is a joke.

| >>e2e9d9
>calls 55% a majority
>complains that it's undemocratic that people aren't okay with it

A hard majority of >75% is needed for votes. The fact that this was handled with 55% is the joke here.

| If 55% agree on something it is the majority, not only mathematical but also in most cases politically.
Ab big problem thought is, the low participation on the referendum, especially by young people who could and probably also would have changed the result. Now they have to suffer from the result, along with all the others.
But there are also chances:
- The united "kingdom" breaks
- Scottland finally may become independent
- The conservatives will loose power

| Yeah, no Brexit will fuck Britain sideways. Anyone who sincerely thinks otherwise is uneducated, else truly foolish.

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Ye if you knew anything about voting systems you would know that accepting a result just because its a "majority"(over 50%) is a bad idea in general not just for politics.

| Nice to know that the British government has lied through their teeth again, after Theresa saying that she wouldn't delay it further after the 29th(?) of March.

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how about we do a second referendum and see if that 'majority' still holds up ey?

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Yeah, let's repeat the referendum again and again, until the result fits. What's the point of the referendum then? Why can't we have referendums about things tat really matter, like tax or foreign politics?
This whole brexit thing is nothing but a big distraction sausage. The whole drama about failed EU politics and Anti-EU Populism is nothing but the same dogshit in different tastes. Both sides don't solve any problem, they're a part of it.

| Let's get real, the UK is going to indefinitely delay Brexit. It'll just be referenced once in a while until it finally gets completely swept under the rug after the public gets distracted by the next big hot topic.

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And meanwhile the establishment stays in power and continues their wrong policy: Neoliberalism, neo-colonializm and modern slavery. Debates will furthermore controlled by the united rich against the divided poor. Furthermore they'll deny broaching the natural issues between classes, while pushing the artificially made up issues between cultures, ethnicities, religions. The Brexit won't change anything. The whole thing is nothing but hot air.

| The british version of Deal or No Deal seems a bit different.

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without the EU you'd be nothing in this current age and you know it. the calculations for a hard brexit are pretty fucking clear and would be devastating to the british economy. you pander to a deluded ideal of individualism which is simply impracticable and short-sighted. your freedom would have held up in another time, under the british empire. but the british empire is gone, and you remain, a shallow husk of your former colonial self. even the US has abandoned you.

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nevertheless you remain dreamy about keeping all the privileges without retaining any of the obligations. you know what Scotland thinks of this, what Europa is thinking, now that the russian is knocking at the back door and the chinese are staring down at you from across the globe.
there's no point in fighting anyways, all we had to say was 'no' and all your negotiations went to shit.

you either remain intact or leave in shambles, and nobody else will ever want to leave.

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