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The current state of the "American Dream"

| Everyone can make it! You just have to work hard and it will bring you to the top. This is one of the most successful fairy-tales to justify capitalism in the USA.
Because in reality your best chance is to have rich parents that bribe the top schools in the country to get a place for you there, like recently uncovered for about 50 celebrities:

| Its called a dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.

| It's not impossible to make it big by working hard
It's just not guaranteed, there are many other factors, you may be born poor and suddenly strike it rich without working, likewise you may be born rich AND be hard working but a twist of fate will make you lose everything

Everyone "can" make it but almost no one "will" make it, still better than a system where people pretend to believe everyone will collaborate because "why not?"

| The American dream was always a lie to get more workers for the American capitol machine.

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>It's not impossible to make it big by working hard
It depends how you define "work". If it includes wacky business strategies and criminal energy, then you're right. If you mean work as in working for someone or something as employee than you're wrong.
>It's just not guaranteed
That's trivial, but
>you may be born poor.
then it's guaranteed you're poor and very likely you stay poor.
>you may be born rich.
then it's guaranteed you're rich and very unlikely to become poor.

| Whether or not being able to make it through hard work is possible, I think the "American Dream" is over. For the most part, Americans don't think of the "self-made man" as an idol anymore.

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Because the "self made man" never existed. Sometimes he was allowed to come up, but it was nothing but a big show to legitimize privileges of the privileged.

| This thread...
The american dream is perfectly real. I know loads of hard working people who started from scratch and made a fortune. In fact, am pretty much on my way to "make it", too.
You just need to understand what hard work means. Its not working that deadend job. Its buying cheap shit and reselling it, making bricks and cold calling hundreds of people to find a buyer.
I got lied to. I was told that if I studied hard I would make it. Now I hire people who did that instead.

| >>536715 Interesting, you're the first person I've heard in a while with that opinion. Being an upper middle class Californian I don't meet many people who still think that way; most people think the only route to social mobility is luck around here.

| The American dream is a lie alright, but communist ideals of limiting people are also dumb

There is only one answer to all problems and it's love!
Love more, live more and let others live to love again!
let's not fight when we could love!


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Love can neither beat your hunger nor give you a roof and warmth.
Communism is not about limiting people, it is about redistributing natural limits fair which unlimits most people from the chains of class society.

Just look what happned to those rhich parents that bribed universities: law sent them to jail. But for a million deposit, which is nothing to them, they instantly got free.
If I break law and go to jail no one will get me out there. It's a bad joke.

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Tell us what is the color of love, g/u/rl!

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Love is Blue

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Lol, yeah lovely like ice cubes. That's why all the ❤️ are blue too.


| Could we go back on topic, please?

| >>536928 sure, I don't want you to replace the word "love" with "white supremacy" again

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And where is the "hard work" in your "reselling" strategy? With which money do you buy the "cheap stuff" in the first place? And how big is the profit you make by reselling compared to the production costs? Where are those cheap things produced? In the USA or in some other country? Could it be that your "american dream" is other peoples nightmare?

| I was told to work hard and follow instructions. Do XYZ, and success is promised. That 'the American Dream' and success was mine, if I listen and obey. I was told this my entire life. I was allowed to taste the high life, told I deserved it, that it waited for me. So I did as told.

And when I reached the last step, There was nothing waiting for me. The markets crashed. There was no hope.
So I worked hard jobs.
For 10 years.
Barely surviving.
I was lied to.
There is no hope.


| >>536995 It doesnt take a genius to realize that working hard to make someone else rich will not make you rich too. Maybe if you got one promotion after the next and ended up in a high position by the age of 60.
My parents told me to work hard like they did, but I looked at them and my mother never even traveled once because she never had the money.
Look who's telling you to work hard at that job. Chances are its either your boss, or some poor fuck who's barely getting by, himself.

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>>Could it be that your "american dream" is other peoples nightmare?
Are you trolling here? Unless you're a mint or a counterfeiter money comes from somewhere. The object of the American Dream is wealth, & as one person obtains wealth from others the latter naturally have less of it. It goes without saying that his wealth is achieved at the expense of those who still don't have the sense to duck out of the rat race.

| >>With which money do you buy the "cheap stuff" in the first place?

Literally pocket change. Go peruse a pawn shop sometime, I guarantee you can afford something to go resell downtown, at some local tourist spot or online. The homeless can beg enough money for that. If you do well enough you'll have some money to put away, & if you can manage to hold onto it as you do rather than smoke, drink or piss it away, then you can use it to buy more valuable merchandise for a wider margin.

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>Unless you're a mint or a counterfeiter money comes from somewhere.
Yes, of course. And electricity comes from the socket, unless you are a magician or a power plant.
>It goes without saying that his wealth is achieved at the expense of those who still don't have the sense to duck out of the rat race.
Ideally/Theoretically yes. But common practice is a different thing.
So, the "american dream" is nothing but ideology: Justification for the rich, opium for the poor.

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