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globalization critical NGO looses against court in Germany

| The globalization critical NGO "Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions and for Citizens Action", a.k.a. "attac", lost in a german court which decided they don't serve "the common good". The case was initially about if donations to "attac" are deductible from tax. However, the reason for the judgement is, at least symbolically, highly controversial.


| When it comes to restrictions against NGOs in other countries the german government and media condemn it very actively. This usually happens along with other countries that belong to something that could be called "transatlantical phalanx".
It is interesting to see how the self-declared "liberal" and "democratic" societies stand in a row with (far-)right-winged populists when it is about fighting NGOs, especially those that criticize globalization and social inequity.

| They attac...

| >>533022 but the far right hates globalization and wants to fight it too. Reminds me of this meme.

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1. liberals don't oppose globalization at all. They administrated it for the most time or at least most significantly.
2. Globalization criticism is not necessarily the same as generally hating/fighting it.
3. Besides a minority of liberals there are other political currents that are NOT liberals, which criticize globalization in its current form, but still see its potential, inevitability and necessity, namely social democrats, socialists and communists.

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4. the far rights anti-"globalism" (they don't even call or recognize it as globalization) is hypocritical, cowardish and/or stupid.
Hypocritical and cowardly because they did not oppose it as long they think they have it under control or benefit from it (on other peoples costs).
Stupid because they do not see its potential advantages, inevitability and necessity and just want to destroy it, so called "machine breakers" destroyed machines during industrial revolution.

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