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Crabs take over electric signboard at train station

| It’s not unusual to stumble across something out of the ordinary while waiting on a station platform to board a Japanese train. Over the years, commuters have seen secret milk stands, heard the voice of an adult video game voice actress over the speakers, and boarded carriages to the tune of "Star Wars" jingles.

Now commuters are talking about another bizarre discovery,

| thanks to a series of images taken by Twitter user @absol161 at Nishi-Funabashi Station in Chiba, Tokyo’s neighboring prefecture.

The image above shows a signboard, usually reserved for displaying train arrival and departure times, lit up with a series of bright orange crabs. And they weren’t the only colored crabs taking over the display, as they were soon followed by another set of cheeky crustaceans, only this time they were going for a joyride on a train.

| https://japantoday.com/category/features/lifestyle/crabs-take-over-electric-signboard-at-train-station-in-chiba-pref

| Now we need killer ants in the signboard shooting acid at them.

| They just want to have a televised rave.

| Thank you for this wholesome news.

Now somebody gotta post this in /cyb/

| Haha thats pretty cool

| The world needs more cute crabs

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This thread is permanently archived