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Real estate agent shot dead while trying to evict tenants

| A Utah real estate agent was allegedly gunned down by tenants he was trying to evict — and his body was found inside a crawl space in the apartment, according to a report.

David Stokoe, a dad of four, had gone to the Salt Lake City home Thursday after letting his renters know they needed to be out by 6 p.m., according to the Salt Lake Tribune. His body was found the next day.

| One of the tenants, Manuel Velasquez, told police he got into a fight with Stokoe on Thursday evening because the landlord kicked the door and put him into a “very serious” chokehold, court documents obtained by the paper say.

Velasquez, 31, told cops that while he was being subdued, he grabbed a handgun inside the fannypack he was wearing and shot Stokoe multiple times.


| it's utah, so a) i'm not surprised and b) would this be counted as self defense?

i'm not saying it was the guy's fault he got shot, but surely there was a better way to handle it than putting someone in a chokehold (if that story's even true)

| Dudes probably lying, but ill wait until more info comes out

| >Manuel Velasquez

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This thread is permanently archived