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non-islamic far-right-wingers committed every extremist murder in the US in 2018

| At least 50 people were killed at the hands of domestic extremists in 2018, an increase of 35 percent from the previous year, a new report from the Anti-Defamation League has found.

That total makes 2018 the fourth deadliest year for extremist killings since 1970, and 2018 also saw the highest percentage of right-wing extremist-related killings since 2012, according to the ADL.

The report from the ADL, a Jewish organization focused on fighting anti-Semitism, claims that in 2018,

| "every single extremist killing — from Pittsburgh to Parkland — had a link to right-wing extremism." The group details the alleged ties – ranging from white supremacist and racist or misogynistic or Nazi ties – of some suspects that ABC News had not previously reported on or confirmed.

However, some of the incidents the ADL includes have been reported by ABC News as having anti-Semitic motivations or as hate crimes.

| One of the deadliest examples on their list is the shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, where 11 people were killed by a man who prosecutors say had "made statements regarding genocide and his desire to kill Jewish people."

"The white supremacist attack in Pittsburgh should serve as a wake-up call to everyone about the deadly consequences of hateful rhetoric," ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in a statement released with the report.

| The stabbing of Blaze Bernstein in Orange County, California, the criminal case that includes hate crime charges, is also included on the ADL's list.


| "This guy is right of Marx. He must be a far right extremist!!!" -Anti Defamation League

| >>527880
This guy said women/foreigners/homosexuals/muslims (should) have equal rights/chances. He must be a Marxist!!!
"This guy looks/talks foreign. He must be illegal/an islamist/criminal!!!"

-Neolibral, Neoconservative and "Alt-Right" fools (who btw. usually are "right of marx").

| American politics

| >>527768 This is just american politics, nothing new

| i see. how about abroad?
are you ready to talk about Europe yet, you fucking shill faggot?

| >>527968 >>http://boards.4chan.org/pol/

| >>528075 reddit.com

| >>528075
what a nice fucking argument bucko, you really convinced me there

of course that was sarcasm, i recognize cowardly surrender when i see it

| >>528302
>what a nice fucking argument
Do you completely lack self-awareness or what? At least practice what you preach. Otherwise all you are is noise.

| >>528612
you sound like you're really lost, buddy, you're just deflecting at this point.

| I wouldn't trust the anti defamation league considering they consider a little green frog as a hate symbol

| >>528825
Please, it's obvious that this little green frog has become a symbol of hate because it's massively used by people that spread neonazi propaganda in the internet.
The swastika also wasn't originally a hate symbol, but it was turned into one by the nazis.
Symbols meaning depend on the context they are used in.

| >>529037 we took back pepe from normies

| >>529037
this fag's getting triggered by a little green frog
i think we should also ban the roman alphabet altogether since a vast amount of neo-nazis uses it too

you are fucking retarded

| >>529229
I'm afraid you unironically think that your comparison makes sense.

Nazis also used air and water, but no one seriously wants to ban it. If you don't understand the difference between the exzessive (mis)ussage of "pepe the frog" by neonazis and the latin alphabet as a commonly used character system, then you have no right to call others retard.

Btw. I'm generally against banning symbols. I prefer discussing ideas.

| > 50 people
> almost every right-wing extremist murder in 2018

What the fuck, right-wing extremists!? You can do better than that! Come and get some real bloodshed going. I want to see blood and guts flying around daily this year, to the point where it becomes no different from the weather.

"Today is going to be cloudy with a chance of blood rain from about 1000 or so people getting mowed down by machine guns."

I did not vote for Trump for you guys to slack off like this.


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