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What if the NwO [New World Order Is Real

| Change my mind

| It is real

| ]

| For a fucking second there I thought you wrote 'OwO'.

| >>526696 The Old World Order. They realized it and decided to create a new one.

| >>526785 >>526696 come on. Everyone knows that when someone types OwO, they're pledging their allegiance to the Old World Order.

| OwO, defenders of the old order, enemies of the New World Order.

| Hey g/u/rls. Here's an idea. Lets make a club called the Old World Order right here and now. We could even set up a Discord for it. Activities will include making friendship bracelets, sharing memes, and maybe taking over the world if we feel in the mood for it. I'll bring club snacks. You g/u/rls bring whatever you want to do in the clubhouse.

| >>526797

| The term "New World Order" is not limited to weird conspiracy theories. Most political revolutionary movements proclaim such a thing. And all currently known orders look back to a revolutionary background. We're not in the stone-age anymore (even thought too much of us still persist to behave so).

And btw. the fact that most conspiracy theories are stupid or ridiculous doesn't mean that there are no conspiracies at all. That's what makes them so problematic.

| I personally don't believe in a big sithlord-alike conspiracy by some rich dudes (that may belong to a specific ethnicity). Real conspiracies occur in smaller scales.
Also our current world order isn't that new anymore. It's called "capitalism" which started with globalization, colonization and industrialization replacing the "old world order" called "feudalism".
A "new" or the next "world order" would (or could) be "communism". Everything else is just fake and running in circles.

| >>526888 >communism is the new world order
Biggus kekkus.
I don't deny that the fall of capitalism is immenent, but dream on, zoomer.

| >>526696
oWo wat's dis

| >>526919
originally written:
>A "new" or the next "world order" would (or could) be "communism".
what you made of it:
>communism is the new world order
I thought "would" and "could" are help words for the conjunctive form in english. Even if I'm wrong, it's strange that you just ignored this difference.

| >>527041
I mean interrogative ofc., not conjunctive.

| https://discord.gg/kpUZ64s

It is done.

| I missed the 'could', but the 'would' implies it is predetermined.

| I'll set it up proper when I get off work.

| >>527185
>proclaims "old world order"
>uses discord

| >>526919
>when communism has been dead for 30 years and you're salty that more than 90% of nations embrace capitalism
btw the captcha is calling you faggot.
"bowel gay tract"

| >>527638
Communism was never alive. In russia the so called "communists" just played the role of the bourgosie, implementing a development dictatorship and getting rid of the old and commonly not really popular tzarist regime. Other countries either became advanced soviet satellites by war or they were colonies in Asia, Sth./Centr. America and Africa that seek for independence from foreign occupiers (some with success, like China). But all of this had not much to do with communism.

| The whole point of communism is the overthrow of global capitalism by a class conscious, international, revolutionary proletariat. This requires a fully industrialized and developed world.
Marx and Engels underestimated the different development stages of different societies and also how easy the proletariat can be fooled even by the most stupid and ridiculous racist, religious and nationalist fairytales.

| >>527638
>that more than 90% of nations embrace capitalism
So in other, shorter words:
100% of nations embrace capitalism. Some are more liberal some are less liberal societies. Currently we just experience the downfall of the "social", "friendly", "humane" and "liberal" capitalism all over the world. Because this was just an arrangement to make capitalism more attractive for the masses. Without a supposedly "communist" threat such stuff is not necessary anymore. The beast is free!

| Unless if we manage to create a sort of mind flower where we have joint-conciousness in a sort of hive mind, such an ideal of communism will never come true.

| >>527706
>such an ideal of communism will never come true
No ideal will ever become true. There will never be a whatever-alike utopia.
On the other hand ideals can be pretty good motivators. Of course it is discutable if an ideal is good or bad. There are many different opinions about what "communism" is, as well among it's opponents and communists themselves. But there are also ideals that are clearly rotten from the core idea, like nazism. I would't say that about communism.

| Real talk: what's so bad about Nazis besides Jew killing? Or rather, what bad things do they have that led up to it?

| >>527786
Besides "Jew killing":
- homosexual killing
- disabled people killing
- roma and sinti killing
- (social) democrats killing
- communists killing
- slavs killing
And besides killing:
- The idea that someone valued by birth right not by his achievments
- The idea of different "races" (which are not scientifical useful applicable on humans)
- The "Lebensraum" ideology, which allowed the self proclaimed "ubermensch" to steal the land and property of so called "subhumans"

| >>527786
- the scientifically wrong idea of a "survival of the fitest" in the sense of "the strongest", which in fact was meant "fiting in the environment" only one factor of evolution biology: natural selection (there are also mutation, recombination and symbiosis)
- War, destruction and killing as the ideal/best driver of human development.
- Autocratism like the "leader principe" as ideal society.
- mass surveillance and brutal oppression as permanent ideal solution

| And before you argue
>uh, a lot of this things existed or exists also in "communism"
Then congratulations: You just found out WHY it is commonly considered to have failed. Other than nazism where all this kind of stuff was intentional and explicit part of the ideology.

The competition between the soviet union and the "western" capitalist world improved capitalism temporary and restricted to certain regions. But strangely all this achievements now melt away since it has "won".

| Spoilers it's not and if it was their doing a shit job at the evil conspiracy.

| Is this about the wresting NWO?

Because that would be petty goood

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