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End of the brony golden age? Angst among adult fans of My Little Pony as community declines

| Bronies — a portmanteau of “bro” and “ponies” that refers to the mostly male adult fans of American toy company Hasbro’s latest reincarnation of My Little Pony — emerged as a strange phenomenon in the first years after the show began. What started as a largely online community quickly broke through into the real world as fans organized conventions and began making and selling artwork and toys based on the show.

| The largest brony convention, BronyCon, exploded from just 100 guests in June 2011 to more than 10,000 in Baltimore in the summer of 2015.


| yeah i don't fucking care about bronies

| I mean when the show reminded you it was just 22 minutes of ads after season 3.
At least anime doesn't feel like its trying to sell me something.
Story first, product later

| DIE, DIE, DIE!!!

| The brony fandom died years ago, with "Equestria Girls."

| Or, alternatively, after Lauren Faust was fired.

| It ended because everyone is getting older, all the faggy zoomers have invaded the internet and there will no longer be the classic internet with its massive amount of oc and community anymore as we know it


| >>526357

| When they appeared, they were weird. Now they're just somewhat annoying.

| How is this news? Fandoms die, as this one does (and should)

| >>526360 it's not just the zoomers. The problem is just that the internet became popular.


| >>526462 This. It's time we move to the dark net.>>Vive la revolution!<

~ryan mooge skimp

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